The Colors of Armageddon

Taal: Engels
The Colors of Armageddon
Uitgever: Blurb
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781388491291
  • juli 2018
  • 168 pagina's
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Want to go sky high? Grab this essay on the problem of human origins. If you haven't noticed, this is not solved yet. We still have many unanswered questions ahead of the customary mindsets of Creation and Evolution. What if? What if the idea of extraterrestrial intervention with Earth's humans is a fact? And what if this intervention is the cause of all human suffering? A cause that could easily be defeated by simply living off-surface. We know you want peace. You can have peace. We know you need abundance, including a better life for your children. You can have both. What you don't need is Earth's surface as a home. That time is nearly over. Our answer? Aircities. Can it be done in our lifetimes? Yes! But first, we must clean our house off of hatred, languages and war. The Bonilla books start the sweeping.

We'll start with a message to the people of America: If you are white, what you are not is skin-color-transparent! You cannot call others, "people of color.' If black, what you are not is safe!

Global: Bonilla asks for reconciliation among the skin colors of Earth with two warnings that operate as one. Your fight started in Mesopotamia some six thousand years ago! Future Bonilla books will guide us on our need to heed the history of Sumer. The answers are there! We will not survive Earth's surface, unless...

Bonilla wishes to create the Mannunaki Order of Heaven. MOH members will help to construct our first aircity. But first you need to understand UNINA. Universal Nature. Unina derives from the notion that God has grown silent on us. The ancients heard him speak. We pray. God is not responding. The people affirm that He is responding. But we know that He is not. We know He used to... So, what is going on? The presence on Earth of the first cloud burners ... the bad visits of those who "from planet Heaven to planet Earth came."

... Oh... you did not know about planet Heaven?...

Everything you need to know about it is hidden within the first book of the Holy Scriptures! But you'll need to read between the lines. We do that here for you. Obligatory for families seeking absolution from the brutal reality of the times. Join us!



juli 2018
Aantal pagina's
168 pagina's


Hector Luis Bonilla



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