The Effortless Exercise System for Men How to Get Bigger, Stronger & More Ripped Without Sweating

Auteur: Rich Bryda
Taal: Engels
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  • 9781535273121
  • juli 2016
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Newly Updated & Expanded with FREE Bonus Reports Included!

If you're interested in getting super ripped as fast as possible...without steroids, good genetics or lifting a one weight (or even leave home!)... This new book will show you how an "elite" group of Russian military soldiers do it.

And you can do the same–effortlessly.

Here are some of the secrets you'll learn inside:
How to "trick" your central nervous system into packing solid slabs of muscle onto your back, arms and chest in 15 minutes daily without breaking a sweat!
• A secret way of using your "neural impulses" to blow through any sticking points or plateaus.
How to rest so your body automatically floods your system with Growth Hormone.
• Sample exercises you can start doing the second you get Effortless Exercise. (No thinking, struggling, or sweating... this is the easiest fastest working workout ever invented, period.)
Why the idea of "higher reps and lower weights" destroy your muscle gain goals. (All the magazines teach this but unless you have perfect genetics this only keeps you smaller and weaker-do this instead.)
• A "can't fail" blueprint to turn your child (no matter how clumsy or skinny he is) into a superior athlete before middle school! (Want him to be a star? Teach him this...)
The single best and fastest way to build an impressive chest that's the envy of all the grunting meatheads in the gym. (Hint: This has nothing to do with bench presses).
• The secret of getting a big, wide "V-shaped" back... with your pinky finger!
The main exercise convicts use to get bigger and stronger than some of today's top athletes! (Here's exactly what they do-and you can do the same without leaving home or buying any equipment!)
• An ancient Indian exercise perfect for building explosive muscular endurance in a matter of days. (If you're an athlete or want to build athleticism into your body, do this simple movement and watch what happens!)
How to get in the best cardiovascular health of your life in just 5 minutes per day. (No jogging, treadmills or equipment needed!)
• A secret way of using your TV set to grow huge arms! I'm talking at least 1 inch bigger in 1 month. (Do this right and you will probably end up ripping any tight t-shirts you own.)
Herschel Walker's secret workout routine. (Walker is one of the greatest athletes the world's ever known. Even at 49 he's 225 pounds and ripped, doing professional MMA since age 47! Here's how he did it... and how you can use his exact routine!)

The Effortless Exercise System for Men is based on pure science and the work of some of the biggest and toughest "bad asses" this world has ever seen.

And it's so easy... You can do most or all the exercises at home during TV commercials, if you choose.

1. Jacked! Brute Force Prison Workout Secrets Revealed
2. How to Get a Six Pack Fast
3. Brute Force Pull-Ups
4. Brute Force Pushups
5. Brute Force Biceps
6. 15 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss
7. How to Lose Weight Spinning in a Circle like Kids
8. The 20-Second Bathroom Trick for a Super-Charged Metabolism and a Flood of Energy
9. One Tablespoon of this $6 Supplement Detoxes 900 Yards of Toxins from Your Body
10. Do-It-Yourself Face-Lift: How to Look 5 Years Younger in 2 Weeks - Got 5 Minutes a Day?
11. The 50-Cent Miracle Weight Loss Food You're Not Eating
12. #1 Cheap Supplement that Reverses Gray Hair & Infuses Health into Your Body
13. How to Get Rid of Allergies in 90 Seconds with Water
14. The Ultimate 3-Second Fountain of Youth "Neural" Fat Loss Exercise
15. The 15-Second "T-Tap" for Overcoming Hypothyroidism & Sluggish Energy
16. How to Make Healthy Ice Cream in 2 Minutes and Other Sweet Surprises!



juli 2016
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182 pagina's



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How to Get Bigger, Stronger & More Ripped Without Sweating
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