The Godfather of Souls

Taal: Engels
The Godfather of Souls
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781621834069
  • oktober 2016
  • 238 pagina's
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Author Paul "Doc" Gaccione hits the mark again with this searing work full of vivid scenes that conjure a place wracked with daily conflict and risk. Only someone who has lived this experience and negotiated the labyrinth of life could produce such a remarkably vibrant story and deeply intimate account of a very private man's experience in prison

This is a story about two main characters. The first, a man who according to the FBI and New York's Organized Crime Task Force, is a leading member of the Mafia. This man, Paul "Doc" Gaccione has led a fascinating and adventurous life. He has achieved accolades in athletics and also in the business world. He's a published author, motivational speaker, and inventor. He's a strong believer in destiny, and that his destiny has brought him here for a specific purpose.

The second character is a young black kid who grew up in the hood, has been in trouble his entire life eventually winding up in state prison serving a thirteen year sentence. The difference in their culture and background, not to mention their age difference, would seem to make them the worst possible combination to become cell neighbors, yet destiny had its own plan.

Paul seeing something special and believing that this young kid possessed a high intellect and could be helped, devoted himself to enlightening and educating him, hopefully pointing him in the right direction so he could ultimately achieve success in his life.

Why would an alleged murderer and street hardened Mafioso open his heart to this young kid? That's the basis of the story. The sharing of two men's hearts in the most unlikely of all places. A mentor known in prison as "The Godfather of Souls" and a young kid accepting the teaching of a man with a world of life experience and a belief that it was destiny they were placed side by side.

"What makes this author and The Godfather of Souls so special, so unique, is that we have a glimpse into the man himself, in his own words. That is very rare and in this case, it happens to also be an incredible story," advised Brighton Publishing. Paul's previous work Beyond the Beyond: My Journey to Destiny achieved best seller status and is available in eBook and print formats wherever fine books are sold.

According to the FBI and New York's Organized Crime Task Force, Paul "Doc" Gaccione is a leading member of the Mafia. Paul was arrested, accused of murder, and spent six months in Rikers Island until he was released on $1,000,000.00 bail. He has been convicted of murder and is currently imprisoned.

Despite the many downfalls that occurred from time to time in his life and the many allegations against him, he has always maintained a belief in being positive.He is currently awaiting the result of his appeal and is anticipating being released.



oktober 2016
Aantal pagina's
238 pagina's


Paul Doc Gaccione
Brighton Publishing Llc



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