The Reading Glitch How the Culture Wars Have Hijacked Reading Instruction-And What We Can Do about It

Auteur: Lee Sherman
Taal: Engels
The Reading Glitch
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781578864010
  • Druk: illustrated edition
  • juli 2006
  • 256 pagina's
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Reading disability and illiteracy are among the most pressing educational issues facing the United States today. At least 40 percent of America's fourth-graders are unable to read at grade level and a similar proportion of adults read at the lowest two levels of prose literacy. Here, the authors present an unflinching examination of the science and politics of reading disability in this country. The Reading Glitch sheds light on the philosophical, pedagogical, and cultural causes of reading failure and reveals the scientific findings that point to promising solutions. Includes: * The story of Oregon's Bethel School District where disadvantaged children are becoming top-notch readers and special-education referrals have been reduced as a result of using the three-tier model for preventing and treating reading disabilities * The faulty assumptions underlying many current teaching practices * An overview of the dangerous ideologies that hurt children and hinder educational progress * Studies showing an anomaly in the way disabled readers' brains process print Written in engaging prose, the book shows how the great strides made by recent scientific research are revolutionizing real teaching and real learning. The true stories about the casualties of wrong-headed practices and the people who are working to remedy them bring the historical and scientific points to life. These personal accounts-Q&A interviews with students, parents, educators, researchers, and other community members-are the heart and soul of a book that reveals essential truths about literacy in America.


This book tells the engaging story of why it makes no sense to continue with the age-old conflict between phonics and meaning when considering reading instruction for students-particularly those students most in need. Both authors have children with dyslexia, and their first-hand knowledge of children as victims lost amongst professional debate is evident in this book. Parents of children with dyslexia, as well as professionals, will find this book packed with useful information. -- Sharon Vaughn, H.E., professor, University of Texas, and director, Vaughn Gross Center for Reading and Language Arts A very reasonable, well-written overview of the reading debate-the 'reading glitch'-that unnecessarily dissipates resources and energy from the primary purpose of teachers and schools: to best teach all children. [The] anecdotes and interviews are on the mark, the context in which [the authors] frame current and historical issues in the ongoing debate are both interesting and informative, and the conclusions are, in my view, also on the mark. I could recommend [the] approach to the concerned and educated parent, and I believe that school psychologists and others dealing with children having significant reading difficulties would find practical approaches, based on sound theory, in dealing with these difficulties. -- Alex Thomas, chair, Educational Psychology Department, Miami University (Oxford, Ohio); past president, National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Written language is a gift bestowed on us by our cultural heritage. This book is a compelling account of the difficulties families face in their attempts to invoke this life-supporting skill in their children. Through personal stories, we become privy to the tough situations that exist in families across all social strata, as well as the frustrating realities of education, research and politics. Through this book, we come to realize that we need to do much better if we are to achieve positive outcomes for these children. -- Guinevere Eden, director, Center for the Study of Learning, and associate professor, Department of Pediatrics, Georgetown University Medical Cen Written by two parents of dyslexic children, this text argues for restoring phonics, which can be particularly helpful for children with learning disabilities. * Reference and Research Book News * Lee Sherman and Betsy Ramsey have combined significant literary and journalistic talents, scientific expertise, and the sensitivity of dedicated advocates to provide us with a tour through the hearts and minds of the casualties of the reading wars. Their analysis of what went wrong, what went right, and where we are going is cogent, authoritative, and, believe it or not, a page-turning literary experience you will not soon forget! -- Emerson Dickman, Esq., president, International Dyslexia Association



illustrated edition
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256 pagina's


Lee Sherman Betsy Ramsey
Betsy Ramsey
Rowman & Littlefield


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The Reading Glitch: How the Culture Wars Have Hijacked Reading Instruction and What We Can Do about It



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How the Culture Wars Have Hijacked Reading Instruction-And What We Can Do about It
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