Wrapping with Fabric Your Complete Guide to Furoshiki-The Japanese Art of Wrapping

Auteur: Etsuko Yamada
Taal: Engels
Wrapping with Fabric
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  • 9784805313145
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  • oktober 2014
  • 80 pagina's
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Wrap anything from a wine bottle to a yoga mat with this practical Japanese fabric-wrapping book. Long before today's eco-friendly philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle entered America's collective consciousness, furoshiki--the Japanese method of wrapping things with fabric--flourished as a time-honored and practical art form. In Wrapping With Fabric, Etsuko Yamada--born into a long-line of furoshiki makers in Kyoto--explains the one cloth, many uses ideology behind the craft, the etiquette of color and the craft's fascinating history. From there, she shares the myriad ways in which a few basic techniques can transform a simple square of cloth into an elegant wrapper. Use your folded fabrics to: Gift-wrap anything from books to flowers Bundle up a picnic Tote items around Use as a handbag or backpack Make into a pillow covering Create decorative coverings for vases, tissue boxes, and more A quiet reminder that opportunities for artistry are everywhere around you, Wrapping With Fabric is the craft book that makes it easy to bring a touch of grace and ingenuity to everyday life--and help preserve the environment, too.


This book will teach you folding and knotting techniques to wrap and carry just about anything comfortably and elegantly. Sections on Furoshiki Sizes and Uses, Design and Materials followed by Etiquette: A Few Basics, are informative and interesting. --Handmade by Deb blog This 112-page full color book covers the basics of furoshiki -- history, basic knots, gift wrapping and easy carry-all bags -- but it goes further with some really imaginative ideas. I've picked up my fair share of free furoshiki handouts over the years, and this book provides instructions for wrappings I've never before seen: how to carry a yoga mat or wet umbrella, methods for covering a handbag (for protection or ugliness?!), and my personal favorite, the watermelon wrapping [...] I enjoyed this book a lot, and was eager to give one of the projects a spin. --Sake Puppets blog Not only is using fabric to wrap friendly to the environment, but there are more options and wrapping styles than I could have imagined. Making a furoshiki goes beyond just taking a piece of fabric and wrapping it around an item, but is easy enough that anyone can do it. --CraftyStaci blog Do you know furoshiki? Essentially, a furoshiki is a square (or, as the book explains, not quite square) piece of fabric used for wrapping any and every thing. The practice of wrapping items in fabric has been practiced in Japan for more than 1000 years and has gained momentum again, both in Japan and overseas, as we've moved away from plastic bags towards more eco-friendly forms of packaging and carrying things. Wrapping With Fabric is written by Etsuko Yamada who comes from a family of furoshiki makers and now works as the art director for Kyoto Wa-Bunka Institute MUSUBI in Tokyo - the first shop specializing in furoshiki in Japan. You really couldn't find someone more qualified to write a book on this subject! --Omiyage Blogs blog Etsuko Yamada's Wrapping with Fabric will amaze you with what you can do with simple square of cloth. With beautiful patterns and colors of fabric, each project is shown with easy-to-follow photo instructions and completed designs in full color. This visually enticing book offers more than 50 projects including gift wrapping, interior decor and fashion. The book also explains the cultural significance of this style of gift wrapping with fabric and its history going back more than 1200 years. Today, wrapping with fabric, known as furoshiki, has gained popularity for its eco-friendly and fashionable aspects. This is not just a gift wrapping book but a creative, functional and eco-friendly way to incorporate furoshiki into your life style. --Shiho's Craft Cafe blog If you are looking for creative ways to decorate at your wedding, you need to read Tuttle Publishing's new book from Etsuko Yamada, Wrapping With Fabric: Your Complete Guide to Furoshiki. You can easily give your guests beautifully wrapped and inexpensive favors with this easy-to-follow guide. Your guests will be blown away by your creativity and unique decorating techniques. This guide will also be helpful during wedding errands when you have your hands full. If you have a jacket, or a piece of fabric handy, you can easily make yourself a bag to carry all your items using the Japanese art of wrapping, Furoshiki. --Alexandria Petrassi, Editor of AllFreeDIYWeddings.com blog The straightforward instructions make everything look super easy, and the fabrics are gorgeous. --Unshelved blog I loved this book! It solved many commonplace problems for me, and all I have to do is carry around a square of cloth--and it's a lot of fun! I definitely recommend it! --San Diego Book Review



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Etsuko Yamada Kanji Okamoto
Kanji Okamoto
Tuttle Publishing



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Your Complete Guide to Furoshiki-The Japanese Art of Wrapping
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