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Gezondheid en psychologie - 2003

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No More MR Nice Guy
A Proven Plan for Getting What You Want in Love, Sex and Life

Engels | Hardcover | 2003

With the help of an eminent psychotherapist, victims of the "Nice Guy Syndrome" can stop seeking approval and find happiness in... Meer

Working Identity
Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career

Engels | Paperback | 2003

How Successful Career Changers Turn Fantasy into Reality Whether as a daydream or a spoken desire, nearly all of us have... Meer

Healing Entities And Aliens

Engels | Paperback | 2003

What does a computer engineer do when he discovers he has powers of extra-sensory perception? He starts to investigate! Through a... Meer

A Manual for Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Engels | Paperback | 2002

This hands-on manual from Leigh McCullough and associates teaches the nuts and bolts of practicing short-term dynamic... Meer

The New Science of the Mind

Engels | Hardcover | 2003

Focuses on the field of evolutionary psychology. This second edition offers a logical progression of topics by discussing adaptive... Meer

The Modern Denial of Human Nature

Engels | Paperback | 2003

In The Blank Slate, Steven Pinker, one of the world's leading experts on language and the mind, explores the idea of human nature... Meer

Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships

Engels | Paperback | 2003

Clinical psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg offers an enlightening look at how peaceful communication can create compassionate... Meer

For Beginning Students and Their Teachers

Engels | Paperback | 2003

In 30 Essential Yoga Poses, Judith Lasater draws on her wealth of yoga practice and teaching experience, as well as her training... Meer

Lower Your Blood Pressure in 14 Days--Without Drugs

Engels | Paperback | 2003

More than 50 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, and most of them control it by taking prescription drugs with... Meer

An Award-Winning Educator'S Rules For Discovering The Successful Student In Every Child

Engels | Hardcover | 2003

Clark writes with a warm, Southern friendliness. His cogent explanations about why he created his rules and his closing tips on... Meer

Energy Points in Yogic Healing

Engels | Paperback | 2003

Marmas are special Ayurvedic energy points on the body similar to acupuncture points. Through manipulating them we can direct our... Meer

Art of Permanent Fashion

Engels | Hardcover | 2003

Dressing the Man is the definitive guide to what men need to know in order to dress well and look stylish without becoming fashion... Meer

Fun and Fitness with Postures, Movements, and Breath

Engels | Spiral Binder | 2003

This introduction to yoga for children contains variations on traditional yoga postures that develop physical strength,... Meer

Extracognitive Aspects of Developing High Ability

Engels | Paperback | 2003

Some aspects of giftedness and creativity cannot be explained by cognitive, developmental, personality, or social approaches... Meer