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Healing through Deliverance: The Foundation and Practice of Deliverance Ministry

Engelstalig | Ebook | 2013

Formerly two volumes, Healing through Deliverance lays out the biblical foundation for the ministry of healing and deliverance and... Meer


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Jesus Remembered
v. 1: Christianity in the Making

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2003

James Dunn is regarded worldwide as one of today's foremost biblical scholars. Having written groundbreaking studies of the New... Meer

Did Jesus Exist?
The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2013

The Truth Behind the Jesus Myth Large numbers of atheists, humanists, and conspiracy theorists are raising one of the most... Meer

The 4000 Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Engelstalig | Paperback | 1999

The idea of a single divine being - God, Yahweh, Allah - has existed for over 4,000 years. But the history of God is also the... Meer

The Evolution of Religion in Ancient Egypt

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2015

Building on the esoteric information first revealed in Land of Osiris, this exciting book presents more of Abd'El Hakim's oral... Meer

A Reader

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2014

Since the publication of the first edition of The Crusades: A Reader, interest in the Crusades has increased dramatically, fueled... Meer

A Journey to the Heart of the Faith

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2014

?What I propose to do in this book is to take you on a guided exploration of the Catholic world, but not in the manner of a... Meer

White Slavery in the Mediterranean,the Barbary Coast,and Italy,1500-1800: 2003

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2004

This is a study that digs deeply into this 'other' slavery, the bondage of Europeans by North-African Muslims that flourished... Meer

Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2013

Can yoga and meditation unleash our inherent supernormal mental powers, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition? Is it... Meer

Revealing Eternal Truths Hidden in Religions

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2011

Have you ever wondered what God thinks of your religion? Nanci Danison found out in the most dramatic way possible - she died.... Meer

How an Asian Sage Became a Medieval Saint

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2014

The story of Saint Josaphat, a prince who gave up his wealth and kingdom to follow Jesus, was one of the most popular Christian... Meer

Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2008

Following up on his two recent, widely acclaimed studies of ancient Israelite history and society, William Dever here reconstructs... Meer

Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2014

Islam has been one of the most powerful religious, social, and political forces in history. Over the last 1400 years, from origins... Meer

Engelstalig | Ebook | 2004

Europe was in the long slumber of the Middle Ages, the Roman Empire was in tatters, and the Greek language was all but forgotten,... Meer


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The Cosmos of a Sixteenth-century Miller

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2013

The Cheese and the Worms is an incisive study of popular culture in the sixteenth century as seen through the eyes of one man, the... Meer

The Origins of Western Liberalism

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2014

Here, in a grand narrative spanning 1,800 years of European history, a distinguished political philosopher firmly rejects Western... Meer