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Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations

Engels | Paperback | 2002

The world of IT abounds with "special" words and letters, a great many of which have ended up in service management. Using... Meer

Guide to Simulation

Engels | Hardcover | 1987

Introduction to discrete-event simulation with coverage of computer and statistical issues. Mathematical treatment of the theory... Meer

A Practical Language Guide

Engels | Hardcover | 1994

Most people have to communicate with colleagues every day and persuade them to understand their opinions or to accept their views.... Meer

Course in Economic History

Engels | Hardcover | 1969

First Published in 1975. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company. Meer

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A Critical Introduction To The Work Of Mollie Hunter

Engels | Hardcover | 1998

Mollie Hunter, one of the premier storytellers for children and young adults, is a primarily self-educated Scottish author, whose... Meer

A Futurist's Journey to Her Inner Truth

Engels | Hardcover | 1998

Lynne Franks is a legendary figure in international fashion and public relations and the inspiration for the outrageous and driven... Meer

A Catalogue

Engels | Hardcover | 2000

Adam Smith is considered the founding father of economics. Yet to form an accurate picture of the theoretical basis of his work,... Meer

An Introduction to Public Relations for Archivists

Engels | Paperback | 1994

Now in Paperback! As institutional budgets become tighter and information sources wider and more complex, archivists, manuscript... Meer

A Documentary History from the Slave Trade to Independence

Engels | Hardcover | 2001

Primary source documents are valuable learning resources preferred by many teachers because they give student the chance to... Meer

Perspectives on Global Politics and Economics

Engels | Hardcover | 1999

This text offers background to the Asian crisis from an economic, political and social point of view, and suggests possible... Meer

Democratic Economics for the Year 2000

Engels | Hardcover | 1990

This critique of Reaganomics attempts to provide alternatives to both the supply experiments of the 1980s and neoliberal... Meer

Creating a Trading Environment for Development

Engels | Ebook | 2002

Developing countries have an enormous stake in the new round of World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations, taking place now, and... Meer


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The Art of Creating Value Through Partnering

Engels | Hardcover | 1998

After a decade of reeningeering and downsizing, many companies are leaner, more efficient, and acutely focused on their core... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 1900

The question of alternative strategies for economic development is the subject of great controversy and intense debate amongst... Meer

Critical Perspectives on Business and Management

Engels | Hardcover | 2002

In the twentieth century, the United States emerged as the world's largest and most powerful economy. Understanding the evolution,... Meer