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Sed And Awk

Engelstalig | Paperback | 1997

sed & awk describes two text processing programs that are mainstays of the UNIX programmer's toolbox. sed is a stream editor for... Meer

Engelstalig | Binding Unknown | 1999

Praise for the first edition of Building Storage Networks : 'This book is the Bible of storage networking' - Dave Hill, Senior... Meer

High Performance Pc Secrets - Design, Assemble And Test The Fastest Pcs Possible

Engelstalig | Other binding | 1998

Excellent for understanding how to design, assemble and fine tune modern high performance PCs, this book also teaches users how to... Meer

Installation and Maintenance

Engelstalig | Paperback | 1998

The interest in PCs and computer technology has spawned a host of courses in microcomputer technology (both traditional FE courses... Meer

Engelstalig | Other binding | 1998

The Programmer's Guide to SCSI offers a concise tutorial and reference to the Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI), the... Meer

Special Edition

Engelstalig | Other binding | 1997

In addition to coverage of all of the new features and capabilities of the new version, this book covers FrontPage's use with new... Meer