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Design and Build Web Sites

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2011

A full-color introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS from the publishers of Wrox! Every day, more and more people want to learn... Meer

Designing for Interaction
Creating Innovative Applications and Devices

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2009

Building products and services that people interact with is the big challenge of the 21st century. Dan Saffer has done an amazing... Meer

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Ebook vanaf € 39,19
The Human Web
A Bird's Eye View of World History

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2003

World-historical questions such as these, the subjects of major works by Jared Diamond, David Landes, and others, are now of great... Meer

Don't Make Me Think, Revisited
A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2013

Since Don't Make Me Think was first published in 2000, hundreds of thousands of Web designers and developers have relied on... Meer

The Do-it-yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2009

It's been known for years that usability testing can dramatically improve products. But with a typical price tag of $5,000 to... Meer

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Ebook vanaf € 24,93
Late Objects

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2012

Big Java: Late Objects is a comprehensive introduction to Java and computer programming, which focuses on the principles of... Meer

Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2012

Are you an entrepreneur about to create a new web application? If you want to maximize your chances of building something... Meer

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2014

This text is intended for a one-semester introductory programming course for students with limited programming experience. In... Meer

What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2011

Is Google making us stupid? When Nicholas Carr posed that question, in a celebrated Atlantic Monthly cover story, he tapped into a... Meer

The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Successful Web Application

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2009

Getting Real details the business, design, programming, and marketing principles of 37signals. The book is packed with... Meer

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2013

Get a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to the core Python language with this hands-on book. Based on author Mark Lutz's... Meer

Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2015

Python is the high-level language of choice for hackers and software security analysts because it makes it easy to write powerful... Meer


Engelstalig | Paperback | 2013

The ASP.NET MVC 5 Framework is the latest evolution of Microsoft's ASP.NET web platform. It provides a high-productivity... Meer

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Ebook vanaf € 41,13
Interactive Front-End Web Development Hardcover

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2014

Learn JavaScript and jQuery a nicer way This full-color book adopts a visual approach to teaching JavaScript & jQuery, showing you... Meer

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2012

For undergraduate students in Computer Science and Computer Programming courses. Praised for providing an engaging balance of... Meer

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2016

Python Programming for Raspberry Pi(R) In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, Sams Teach Yourself Python Programming for... Meer

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Ebook vanaf € 25,88

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2014

Learn Python the fun and easy way and get in the programming game today! Python is one of the fastest growing programming... Meer

Ready, Set...Test

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2010

Do you love your mobile phone? Your MP3 player? Your e-book reader? You laptop or tablet PC? There?s a reason for that.... Meer

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Ebook vanaf € 40,16

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2015

Understand, create, deploy, and maintain a public cloud using Microsoft Azure Mastering Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services... Meer

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Ebook vanaf € 40,99
Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2013

The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing serves as an introduction to the steps required to complete a penetration test or... Meer

Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2013

The Lean UX approach to interaction design is tailor-made for today's web-driven reality. In this insightful book, leading... Meer

Data Wrangling with Pandas, NumPy, and IPython

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2012

Finding great data analysts is difficult. Despite the explosive growth of data in industries ranging from manufacturing and retail... Meer

User-Centered Design for the Web and Beyond

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2010

From the moment it was published almost ten years ago, Elements of User Experience became a vital reference for web and... Meer

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Ebook vanaf € 35,62
How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2012

Go from ZERO to $10,000 a month in 28 days and discover financial freedom online! Every day thousands of people are losing their... Meer