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Lessons in Mastery
5 Spoken Word Cds, 6 Hours

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2002

Most of us struggle daily to pay the bills, take our jobs to the next level, nurture our relationships, support our health and... Meer

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2012

The seven habits of highly effective peopleWhen it was first published in 1989, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was an... Meer

Meditations for Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
Revised Edition

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2015

This mental-rehearsal CD set, the four-week guided-meditation companion program to Dr. Joe Dispenza's book Breaking the Habit of... Meer

The Work of Byron Katie: Four Questions That Will Transform Your Life

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2007

Discover the Four Questions that Will Forever Transform Your Life's JourneyNo matter how much money, status, or success they may... Meer

The Art of Closing the Sale

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2002

The world's foremost producer of personal development and motivational audio programmes now offers an expanded version of Brian... Meer

Changing Two Beliefs and Perceptions: No. 1

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2016

When you discover the sweet spot of the present moment and you forget about yourself as the personality you have always been, you... Meer

Deluxe 75th Anniversary Edition Unabridged

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2011

The most famous confidence-boosting book ever published; with sales of over 16 million copies worldwide!Millions of people around... Meer

Mastering The Art Of Manifesting

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2012

This audiobook (unabridged and read by the author) is dedicated to your mastery of the art of realising all your desires. The... Meer

The Master Key to Self Healing

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 1999

Listeners get a complete course of eight breathing exercises that Dr. Weil has used in his own life and prescribed to hundreds of... Meer

A High-Energy Movement Meditation to Liberate Your Creative Life Force

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2001

Rea takes listeners on an exploration where yoga and dance meet. Through a series of guided exercises and practices, Rea... Meer

The Original Thesis

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2007

Here is Ron's first description of Dianetics. Originally circulated in manuscript form to a few friends, it was soon copied and... Meer

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2010


25th Anniversary Edition

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2014

The seven habits of highly effective peopleWhen it was first published in 1989, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was an... Meer

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12 Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2001

You've worked very hard to get where you are today. You've paid your dues. You've made sacrifices. But are you making enough... Meer

Visualization Exercises for Releasing Negative Feelings and Maximizing Your True Inner Potential

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2004

A powerful visualization meditation designed to help you release repressed anger in a positive, safe manner. Meer

Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

Engelstalig | Audio Book | 2008

Make this your next book club selection and everyone saves. Get 15% off when you order 5 or more of this title for your book club.... Meer