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Paul McCartney
The Life

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2016

The definitive Paul McCartney biography, written with his approval by bestselling biographer Philip Norman. Since the age of... Meer

The Lunar Chronicles #2

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2013

This is not the fairytale you remember. But it's one you won't forget.Scarlet Benoit's grandmother is missing. The police have... Meer

Fortunate Son
My Life, My Music

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2015

Creedence Clearwater Revival is one of the most important and beloved bands in the history of rock, and John Fogerty wrote, sang,... Meer


Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2014

In Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl, Cath is a Simon Snow fan. Okay, the whole world is a Simon Snow fan, but for Cath, being a fan is her... Meer

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2011

Before Liz Lemon, before Weekend Update, before Sarah Palin, Tina Fey was just a young girl with a dream: a recurring stress dream... Meer

The Complete Plates

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2008

Het jaar 1799 was getuige van de publicatie van een werk dat de geschiedenis is ingegaan als een van de meest opmerkelijke boeken... Meer

The Zen of Bennett

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2012

Legendary singer, artist, and performer, Tony Bennett has been one of the world's most beloved entertainers for more than six... Meer

The Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- 29 of His Timeless Classics

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2007

Simply Mozart is a collection of the most famous compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Phrase markings, articulations,... Meer

30Th Anniversary Edition

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2010

Winner of 3 Oscars(R) and the highest grossing film of its time, Jaws was a phenomenon, and this is the only book on how... Meer

Engelstalig | Hardcover | 2005

The moment Patricia Steur discovered the magic of photography, she lived through the reflection in her camera lens. The camera... Meer

The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2014

Millions of viewers know and love Bob Saget from his role as the sweetly neurotic father on the smash hit Full House, and as the... Meer

Becoming Meryl Streep

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2016

A portrait of a woman, an era, and a profession: the first thoroughly researched biography of Meryl Streep—the “Iron Lady” of... Meer