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A Dilbert Book

Engels | Paperback | 1994

From mountain and valley, from hill and dale, people are asking, "How can I have more "Dilbert" in my life?" Help is at hand with... Meer

Dogbert's Big Book of Business

Engels | Paperback | 1994

Anyone who ever toiled in the office "environment" will identify with the ironclad axioms put forth by Dogbert in this collection... Meer

A Delbert Book

Engels | Paperback | 1994

Hot on the heels of Dogbert's Clues for the Clueless, this new Dilbert collection will be widely welcomed by fans of that... Meer

A Dilbert Book

Engels | Paperback | 1996

When the cubicle police outlaw plastic plants for fear they will attract dumb bugs, Dilbert takes a stand. However, back in his... Meer

The Art

Engels | Hardcover | 1998

A celebration of Steadman's highly individual artistic style from the late 1960s through the present, accompanied by Steadman's own text. Meer

An Irreverent Collection of Political Cartoons

Engels | Hardcover | 1999

Humorous Sceptic or, Is It Just Me? An Irreverent Collection of Political Cartoons N. Anthony Bonaparte In his first collection of... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 1997

A collection of Steve Bell's cartoons compiled from "The Guardian" strips and the inexplicable FBI documents that prove beyond... Meer

Writings and Drawings

Engels | Hardcover | 1996

The Library of America and editor Garrison Keillor present the best and most extensive Thurber collection ever assembled. Only a... Meer

An "I Was Seven in "75" Collection

Engels | Paperback | 1999

An autobiographical look at growing up in a liberal, suburban hipster family in the '70s, storylines include family Sundays at the... Meer

Race War

Engels | Paperback | 1995

For the Predator, the game is man, so he heads to the grounds with the biggest trophies--the Paloverde State Penitentiary. They... Meer

A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family...Continued

Engels | Paperback | 1999

An updated guide to the nation's most dysfunctional family includes the best Homerisms, famous chalkboard sayings, brand new... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 1998

Springfield... Home of the Isotopes, Springfield A&M, and Blinkey, the world's first three-eyed fish! Birthplace of the Flaming... Meer

An Aesthetic History

Engels | Paperback | 1996

In this definitive study of one of popular culture's favorite genres Robert C. Harvey, a cartoonist and comics critic, traces the... Meer

a new Calvin and Hobbes collection

Engels | Paperback | 1993

Spaceman Spliff, Stupendous Man, the ferocious tiger Hobbes, and the rest of Calvin's imaginary friends return in this book. Other... Meer

Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century

Engels | Hardcover | 1997

Moving beyond the corporate world of his cartoon character, Dilbert, Scott Adams turns his analytic focus on how human greed,... Meer

Thriving on Stupidity

Engels | Paperback | 1998

Moving beyond the corporate world of his cartoon character, Dilbert, Scott Adams turns his analytic focus on how human greed,... Meer

A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury

Engels | Paperback | 1995

By the 1986 Reuben Award as Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year, by the National Cartoonists' Society. The book contains material... Meer

Engels | Paperback | 1996

In the world that Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes share, treasures can be found in the most unlikely places, from the outer... Meer