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Filosofie & maatschappelijke aspecten - Jaren '80 en eerder

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Basic Montessori
Learning Activities for Under-Fives

Engels | Hardcover | 1988

For the first time, Basic Montessori opens the celebrated philosophy and method to a more general public. David Gettman has... Meer

Or on Education

Engels | Paperback | 1979

Alan Blooms new translation of Emile, Rousseaus masterpiece on the education and training of the young, is the first in more than... Meer

The Middle Works, 1899-1924: v. 6: 1910-1911, Journal Articles, Book Reviews, Miscellany in the 1910-1911 Period, and How We Think

Engels | Hardcover | 1978

William James, remarking in 1909 on the differences among the three leading spokesmen for pragmatism himself, F. C. S. Schiller,... Meer

Growing Up in School

Engels | Paperback | 1988

No adult can escape the adult perspective; but simply recognizing its inevitable limitations in a children's world enables a few... Meer

The Later Works, 1925-1953: v. 6: 1931-1932, Essays, Reviews, and Miscellany

Engels | Hardcover | 1985

Except for Dewey s and James H. Tufts 1932 Ethics (Volume 7 of The Later Works), this volume brings together Dewey s writings for... Meer

v. 3: De Conscribendis Epistolis / Formula / De Civilitate: v. 4: De Pueris Instituendis / De Recta Pronuntiatione

Engels | Hardcover | 1985

Erasmus was above all an educator, and his writings as a teacher and theorist give him a claim to be regarded as the greatest... Meer

The Later Works, 1925-1953: v. 8: 1933, Essays and How We Think

Engels | Hardcover | 1986

This volume also includes a collection of essays entitled The Educational Frontier, Dewey s articles on logic, the outlawry of... Meer

The Development of a New Hermeneutic

Engels | Hardcover | 1989

Reading Curriculum Theory: The Development of a New Hermeneutic is a study of curriculum theory texts of the 1980s. Focusing on... Meer

A Study of the Institutionalization of Formal Knowledge

Engels | Paperback | 1988

This is an immensely useful book for sociologists working in a wide range of sub-fields. It confirms Freidson's status among the... Meer

The Middle Works, 1899-1924: v. 10: 1916-1917, Journal Articles, Essays, and Miscellany Published in the 1916-1917 Period

Engels | Hardcover | 1980

Except for Democracy and Education, the 53 items in Volume 10 include all of Dewey s writings from 1916 1917, the years when he... Meer

A Reinterpretation of Twentieth-Century Educational Theory

Engels | Hardcover | 1984

"Learning From Our Mistakes would be an important addition to academic libraries that support graduate and undergraduate programs... Meer

The Early Works, 1882-1898

Engels | Hardcover | 1969

Volume 1 of The Early Works of John Dewey, 1882-1898 is entitled Early Essays and Leibniz ' s New Essays Concerning the Human... Meer