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Encountering the Self
Transformation and Destiny in the Ninth Year

Engels | Paperback | 1989

The author, a Waldorf teacher of many years' experience, provides a lucid explanation of the events happening in the life of a... Meer

Social Categories and Identity in the High School

Engels | Paperback | 1989

Dr. Eckert shows how the school's institutional environment fosters the formation of opposed class cultures in the student... Meer

A Study of the Institutionalization of Formal Knowledge

Engels | Paperback | 1988

This is an immensely useful book for sociologists working in a wide range of sub-fields. It confirms Freidson's status among the... Meer

The Later Works, 1925-1953: v. 6: 1931-1932, Essays, Reviews, and Miscellany

Engels | Hardcover | 1985

Except for Dewey s and James H. Tufts 1932 Ethics (Volume 7 of The Later Works), this volume brings together Dewey s writings for... Meer

Culture, Power and Liberation

Engels | Paperback | 1984

Contributes to a radical formulation of pedagogy through its revitalization of language, utopianism, and revolutionary... Meer

Growing Up in School

Engels | Paperback | 1988

No adult can escape the adult perspective; but simply recognizing its inevitable limitations in a children's world enables a few... Meer

v. 3: De Conscribendis Epistolis / Formula / De Civilitate: v. 4: De Pueris Instituendis / De Recta Pronuntiatione

Engels | Hardcover | 1985

Erasmus was above all an educator, and his writings as a teacher and theorist give him a claim to be regarded as the greatest... Meer

The Middle Works, 1899-1924: v. 6: 1910-1911, Journal Articles, Book Reviews, Miscellany in the 1910-1911 Period, and How We Think

Engels | Hardcover | 1978

William James, remarking in 1909 on the differences among the three leading spokesmen for pragmatismhimself, F. C. S. Schiller,... Meer

The Logic of the Gaze

Engels | Paperback | 1985

This lucid and persuasive book is the first comprehensive treatment of art history from a structuralist viewpoint. Bryson... Meer

The Later Works, 1925-1953: v. 8: 1933, Essays and How We Think

Engels | Hardcover | 1986

This volume also includes a collection of essays entitled The Educational Frontier, Dewey s articles on logic, the outlawry of... Meer

The Later Works, 1925-1953: v. 13: 1938-1939, Experience and Education, Freedom and Culture, Theory of Valuation, and Essays

Engels | Hardcover | 1988

This volume includes all Dewey s writings for 1938 except for Logic: The Theory of Inquiry (Volume 12 of The Later Works), as well... Meer

Essays in Psychoanalysis and Language

Engels | Hardcover | 1981

'The essays are exemplary in their stylistic clarity. One can only compliment MacCabe along with the contributors, for the... Meer

Jugendliche Bildungsbewegungen Im Padagogischen Kontext: Eine Ethnografische Studie

Engels | Paperback | 1900

Welche Bedeutung haben Performances in der Jugendarbeit? Welche Varianten von Auffuhrungspraktiken stellen neue Herausforderungen... Meer

A Study of the Growing Child

Engels | Paperback | 1988

This is the classic work on the Waldorf kindergarten. Heydebrand worked with Rudolf Steiner at the first Waldorf School, and her... Meer

Professors and the Demise of Higher Education

Engels | Hardcover | 1988

ProfScam reveals the direct and ultimate reason for the collapse of higher education in the Unites States-- the selfish, wayward,... Meer