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Winnaar van de Pulitzer Prize 2015

Engels - Paperback | 2015  

Dit is een Engelstalig boek. All The Light We Cannot See is onderscheiden met meerdere internationale literaire prijzen. En niet voor niks. Dit ambitieuze boek gaat over een blind Frans meisje en een Duits jongetje die elkaar ontmoeten... Meer


Winnaar van de Costa Book Award 2003

Engels - Paperback | 2004  

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time tells the story of Christopher John Francis Boone. He knows all the countries of the world and their capitals and every prime number up to 7,057. He relates well to animals but has... Meer


A Fable about Following Your Dream

Engels - Paperback | 2004  

Paulo Coelho's enchanting novel, The Alchemist, has inspired a devoted following around the world. This story, dazzling in its powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom, is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who travels... Meer


Engels - Paperback | 2014  

The Circle is the exhilarating new novel from Dave Eggers, best-selling author of A Hologram for the King, a finalist for the National Book Award.

When Mae Holland is hired to work for the Circle, the world’s most powerful... Meer


Engels - Paperback | 2006  

In Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close nine-year-old Oskar Schell is an inventor, amateur entomologist, Francophile, letter writer, pacifist, natural historian, percussionist, romantic, Great Explorer, jeweller, detective, vegan, and... Meer


Engels - Hardcover | 2016

In May 1937 a man in his early thirties waits by the lift of a Leningrad apartment block. He waits all through the night, expecting to be taken away to the Big House. Any celebrity he has known in the previous decade is no use to him now. And few who are taken to the Big House ever return. Meer


Engels - Hardcover | 2015  

As we grow older - most of all, in what we remember and what we dream - we live in the past. Sometimes, we live more vividly in the past than in the present.

As an older man, Juan Diego will take a trip to the Philippines,... Meer


Go Set a Watchman

Engels - Hardcover | 2015  

An historic literary event: the publication of a newly discovered novel, the earliest known work from Harper Lee, the beloved, bestselling author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning classic, To Kill a Mockingbird (selling 40 million copies... Meer


Engels - Paperback | 2014  

Lines may divide us, but hope will unite us..

Nine-year-old Bruno knows nothing of the Final Solution and the Holocaust. He is oblivious to the appalling cruelties being inflicted on the people of Europe by his country.... Meer


Winnaar van de Pulitzer Prize 2007

Engels - Paperback | 2007  

‘The first great masterpiece of the globally warmed generation. Here is an American classic which, at a stroke, makes McCarthy a contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature’ Andrew O’Hagan

A father and his young son walk... Meer

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