Accomplish Your Dreams & Goals by Thinking Big- Think Big Discover How To Expand Your Thinking In Order To Make Big Things Happen In Your Life


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  • 9781640480797
  • 22 maart 2017
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Learn How to Think Big and Turn Your Great Thoughts Into A Reality!This book helps you know exactly what to do in order to turn your dreams into a reality. Inside, you’ll find real-life examples and practical exercises to help you fire up your Big Thinking. Before you know it, you’ll have hatched a Brilliant Big Idea! From there, we help you harness your Big Idea and ride it to the stars! You’ll be inspired by the success of other Big Thinkers who started out just like you! And we give you step-by-step instructions to transform your Big Ideas into Reality. Follow our 30-day plan to start laying down practical strategies and begin the transformation NOW.

Don’t settle for same old same old. Go for the Gold! You can never Think Too Big, so don’t hold back! Think Ginormous! Revel in Big Thinking and put your Big Idea into action Today!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover About Thinking Big...
  • The Magic That Happens When You Think Big
  • How To Overcome Fears And Gain the Confidence You Need To Realize your Big Idea
  • How To Free Yourself Up To Pursue That Big Idea
  • How To Boost Your Attitude And Transform Every Obstacle In Your Path
  • How To Develop A Powerful Work Ethic Based on Your Own Good Habits
  • Instructions for Creating your Own 30-Day Strategy To Turn Your Big Idea Into A Reality
  • Much, much more!
The reality is that many of us don’t dream enough! Our performance-laden culture has left us afraid to try anything that we can’t execute flawlessly and efficiently the very first time. So we shrink back from experimenting, exploring, and imagining, the very things that have fueled the Big Thinkers of our age. This book was written for the purpose of reversing that trend and unleashing the Big Thinker inside of you. Yes You! It’s time that you Truly Discover the Power of Thinking Big!

You won’t have to go far to learn this skill because what you need is already right there, inside of you. All I will do is help you unleash the Big Idea that’s hiding deep within you and show you how to ride it to fruition in your life. There’s no smoke and mirrors, no hocus pocus here. Everything I show you is imminently practical and proven over the test of time. The exercises I offer you are all straightforward and easy to do for yourself.

Walk with me through this book and I will show you how to address any fears that may hold you back from going for your Big Idea. I will help you turn your fears into creative energy, exchanging them for confidence that yes, you can live life to the fullest! You can let yourself Think Big and pursue Big Ideas.

I don’t stop with just dreaming up Big Ideas; I help you through the process of transitioning from an abstract idea to the Real Thing. I provide step-by-step guidance in how to turn your Big Idea into something that exists in the real world. Yes, you too can know what it feels like to conceive a Big Idea, then follow the well-worn steps that countless others before you have walked along with the modern day hot shot strategies that have been dominating the field.

What are you waiting for? If you are still reading this you are obviously motivated to get all the benefits this book has to offer. Stop thinking and take ACTION.

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22 maart 2017
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Ace Mccloud
Pro Mastery Publishing

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