20 questions and answers about reparations for colonialism

20 questions and answers about reparations for colonialism
20 questions and answers about reparations for colonialism
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This book brings together the most relevant facts and insights on reparations and it positions the debate on reparations as part of the continuing struggle to decolonize the mind. as the goal is to provide material for debate and discussion. It deals with reparations for both trans-Atlantic slavery and colonialism more generally. In some sections the discussion focuses specifically on slavery because many propositions and arguments are related specifically to slavery.
The final chapter presents a new economic model for the calculations of reparations. These calculations are based on a mathematical model and a computer program that performed simulations to reveal the damage that the colonizers have caused and the impact on the wealth of the colonizer nations.
20 Questions
1. What are reparations?
2. What can we learn from reparations for the Jewish Holocaust?
3. Why pay reparations for colonialism?
4. Who benefited from colonialism?
5. Who suffered from colonialism?
6. How did enslaved people argue for reparations?
7. Why and how did the colonizer get reparations for colonialism?
8. Is there a debt that black people should pay?
9. What are the economic arguments on reparations?
10. What are the legal arguments on reparations?
11. What are the political arguments on reparations?
12. What are the moral arguments on reparations?
13. What arrangements can be made for reparations?
14. What are the differences and similarities between reparations in the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean?
15. What is the significance of gender in reparations?
16. What is the role of law in reparations?
17. What is the role of apologies and truth commissions?
18. What is the role of international institutions in reparations?
19. How is the struggle for reparations organized?
20. How much money should be paid for reparations?


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