21 Lessons to Empower the New Age Kid

21 Lessons to Empower the New Age Kid
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  • januari 2017
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Today’s kids face an unprecedented amount of pressure from parents, teachers and peers. “Children are showing signs of stress as early as grade school, but their parents are not seeing it”, suggests a national survey by WebMD. Additionally, a Pac-12 college volleyball coach I spoke with complained that many students lack basic life skills when entering college.21 Lessons To Empower The New Age Kid is a cutting-edge workbook for today's adolescents! The lessons are short and easy to follow. The life principles covered are designed to teach children how to constructively deal with their emotions and gives them language for what they already feel and know intuitively, thereby assisting them to be more accountable and responsible human beings both inside and outside of the classroom. Program Description: In these discussions, children will experience a new, deeper level of how powerful and valuable they truly are, not because of anything they’ve accomplished, but because that is the nature of their being. By the end of the discussions children will: • Know how to ground (anchor) themselves so that they can think clearly and to receive intuitive guidance. They can’t hear their intuition (inner voice) if they’re scattered and frazzled. • Be able to identify negative thinking that’s pushing to control their lives.• Create easy and powerful affirmations that support their greatness.• Learn to get more of what they want with less effort by practicing simple visualization techniques.Benefits of these lessons:* Provides engaging conversations on life principles to assist your child or group to move confidently and courageously through life with a deeper understanding and thinking ability.* Fits in with all cultural and spiritual beliefs.* Short and easy to use. Designed to be done in 15-20 minutes. Used my 25 years of studying and practicing spirituality to develop these lessons.* Creates an opening to ask for what you really want.* Use a little at a time or all at once, it’s a fluid program.* The more you review the lessons the deeper you can go. Review at different ages for a deeper perspective.* Provides a framework to create and format other conversations.* Taps into the child's intuitive nature and gives them language for what they already feel and know intuitively. * Novices and experts can easily use. Each lesson has parent and facilitator notes at the beginning of the section to assist you.* Shows kids how powerful they are through their thoughts and words.* Provides tools to navigate and succeed in the world.* Kids and adults can participate on an equal level so child owns responsibility for their life.* Adult is not instructing but drawing out what's already there—opposite of our current educational system.* Kids learn to tap into and trust their intuition.* Fosters thinking outside of the box and encourages kids to think through ideas until they make sense to them.* Provides a common language to use to hold each other accountable like the concept of ‘grounding’.* Kids own responsibility for their participation and what they're receiving.



januari 2017
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124 pagina's



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