A Pair of Doves
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781505685589
  • december 2014
  • 92 pagina's
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An interesting anthology of short stories and sweet poems.The short stories have an assortment of themes, from crime fiction, science fiction, romance to horror. The stories are well developed and well woven and a must read.Some of the short stories have movie like plots and very entertaining. Read this extract from a short story ‘Letters Of Blood”‘’As she turned, her eyes widened in terror at what she was seeing. Robson was pointing a .38 automatic at her. His face was a deathly pallor and he was struggling to keep the gun pointed at her. He fired two successive shots at the same spot somewhere at her forehead. Her body shuddered violently at the impact of the shots, as if a giant tsunami had hit her. Her head disintegrated into fragments of tissue and brain. She died, her mouth in a wide snarl of pain and terror.’’The short story A Pair Of Doves which form the basis of the title of this book, is a very sad and touching story of how very young twins where abused in the hands of their own parents. Read the following extract: "Please Naomi, stop crying. If you keep on crying you will make me cry too," Anne said to her five year old sister. Anne, the elder sister, was seven years old. Both kids were huddled in a corner naked, with frightened looks, shivering from the cold spell of one winter night. Naomi was sniveling and Anne was trying to be sister enough to comfort her. Their parents, who indulged in alcohol and drugs, would come in late from a night of severe drinking, wake the kids up and start fighting. If anything, George and Eve's marriage was a fiasco, and it had turned dangerously into World War Three.(extract fom a short story “A Pair Of Doves”Some short stories have an African flavour and home-coming of a sort: Enjoy the following extract from a short story , “Tiny Twins Dumped By The Riverside.”‘Dove coos, cow moos. The African clock is the cockcrow. Flowers have blossomed. Bees, like tiny helicopters hover around them and speak hieroglyphics. Afar, a thick smoke mushroom up like the violent explosion of the Hiroshima bomb. Smell of burning rats, smell of burning cow dung. This is Africa, with its elephant songs.”About Poems:A sweet poetry collection whose themes border on love, the beauty of nature, religion and many other interesting facets of life.They are real-feel-good poems which form a wonderful gift for your loved one, your family and friends.The beat in many of these poems chimes at the right time like the sound of a French clock and has a soothing and hypnotic effect.



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92 pagina's



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