Acheri Demon Haunting The True Story of Paranormal Case 263

Acheri Demon Haunting

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  • juli 2013
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In April 2010, a group of paranormal researchers began a seventy-two hour investigation at a home near Rush City, Minnesota. Within just three hours… They fled in horror.

A paranormal research group finds itself caught completely off guard during a routine investigation. A demonic attack upon a group member, MUFON reports of UFOs and humanoids, generations of unexplained child deaths, and an 80 year old unsolved mass slaughter. Corker and his family search for answers while trying to protect themselves from the evil that appears persistent in trying to destroy them and their efforts in helping the client.

The two main questions hover over them like dense fog… What has caused this horrible evil? and, How do they rid of it? There are individuals in the paranormal field that are experienced and you can turn to for many things, but not of this nature. It would be easier to walk away from the case, if not for the suffering client and his family.

Investigators, Ufologists, priests, Native American medicine men, and other specialists are all brought in to help solve the mystery behind the darkness and evil. The client and Corker’s family struggle to cope while the home owner’s grandchild’s health begins to deteriorate. It becomes a race against time to find the answers before the entity has a chance to take yet another life.

Acheri Demon Haunting is a true story of a location which holds a history of several different types of paranormal activity, MUFON reports, demonic attacks, and unexplained deaths. Case 263 is described by professionals in the field as, “The case all paranormal investigators want and fear.” You will be glued to the pages as you follow along with the infamous six-month long investigation.



juli 2013
Aantal pagina's
196 pagina's



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