Adapting and Overcoming Powerful Life, Business and Spiritual Secrets That You Need to Know - In Less Than One Hour - Guaranteed!

Adapting and Overcoming
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  • 9781500229580
  • augustus 2014
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No one comes into life with an instruction manual. "Adapting And Overcoming: Powerful Life, Business and Spiritual Secrets That You Need To Know - In Less Than One Hour - Guaranteed!" may be as close as possible to Life's Instruction Manual, if there was one.This book was written out of a deep necessity in today's world. The author, John M. Wasikowski has reflected on the contents of this book for quite a while, trying to figure out how best to share these vital lessons with others. Often times the author would say to his friends, “Someone should be writing this down.” No one ever did. Lately, the author discerned the timing was ripe. These life, business and spiritual lessons simply had to be written down and shared now.Within these pages is a condensation of a lifetime of experiences – some great and some desperately painful. In addition, Mr. Wasikowski has quoted several key public figures and others who were his mentors in life. The private individuals who contributed to his life and that he has quoted within this book, may not have even remembered saying these things to him. But their words to him had a profound impact upon his life. They simply had to be shared as well.John M. Wasikowski is one of America’s best amateur hagiographers, that is someone who writes about the lives and especially the miracles of various Catholic saints. He has written over forty hagiographic books to date. Several of those books have been, and continue to be, among the top 100 in their genre in the world.In addition, the author has an extensive and wide-ranging life and business career. He has worked and managed people in small, medium and large businesses. He has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (majoring in Accounting) and a Masters of Business Administration (majoring in Finance) at one of America’s finest business schools.He has read and listened to thousands of books and audiotapes on positive thinking, goal-setting and achievement from his teenage years. Having the idea of a playroom established at his favorite hospital or co-founding a legacy foundation at his local library, he is always trying to improve the life situations of all around him.The author has appeared on television and radio and hosted events where there was more than 10,000 people present. A former Certified ToastMaster, he is described as always positive and motivating to all around him.Mr. Wasikowski is a firm believer in the philosophy “Adapt And Overcome” and wants to by means of this short book to convert you to the same philosophy. His lifetime’s worth of experience would take a large book to contain, but he wants to share with you the most valuable lessons he learned in an easy-to-understand format, all in under one hour!



augustus 2014
Aantal pagina's
88 pagina's



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