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  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781005479619
  • 01 juli 2022
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Storm Spells Beckon – Volume One

Storm Spells Beckon is a series of interconnected, full-length standalone novels. When Lightning Strikes, Storm of Time, Midnight Storm, When the Moon Falls, and Stormborn Angel.

About the books:

When Lightning Strikes. An enchanting time travel romance with a Cinderella twist.
A modern girl returns to her hometown and takes a job in a local historical house. A house with a handsome ghostly presence.
A colonial man haunted by a lovely female ghost only he can see.
When Hannah Sinclair becomes lost in the past, she discovers more than secrets to her childhood. She discovers a forgotten time in a world that feels like home. And a man who steals her heart along with a kiss.
Martinique Laurent discovers he has something in common with his reclusive uncle who may not be insane after all.
Storm of Time. Sometimes wishes come true.
Madeline Becquerel. A colonial girl with ideas ahead of her time. Known as an unquiet, discontent girl who dreams of travel to exciting places.
Wyatt Guillory. A modern man summoned to find his missing sister. A psychologist, firmly grounded in the present, he comes to question reality as he knows it.
When a mysterious man shows up in her home, Madeline finds herself drawn to the unattainable. And traveling becomes something so much more than she ever imagined, much less expected.
Can Madeline and Wyatt defy the boundaries of time to find true love?
Midnight Storm. What happens when two people find themselves caught in a crisscross of time?
Beatrice Becquerel. A young colonial woman who prefers traipsing after her brothers in the woods over quilting and needlepoint. But everything changes when her mother insists Beatrice start wearing dresses everyday instead of the pants she normally wears.
Daniel Sinclair. A modern man fascinated by the mystery of the stars and moon. Although a city boy now, he finds himself drawn to the mysterious southern estate where he'd spent time as a child.
When their paths collide and a glimpse into the past becomes more, they find themselves in a crisscross of time.
Can Beatrice and Daniel find their way out the tangled web of time? Or do they even want to?
When the Moon Falls. Ella Sinclair. A modern woman called home to search for a missing half-brother she barely even knows. She finds nothing more of him than an abandoned car and a broken telescope outside an abandoned house. An abandoned house with someone inside.
Samuel Becquerel. A haunted, serious man watches as his country prepares to tear itself apart from the inside out. His life changes when a young woman, soaked to the bone, appears on his doorstep on a clear spring night.
Haunted by demons from her past, will Ella find that one thing that will help her move past a lingering grief? Both Ella and Samuel have choices to make, but will they make the right ones?
Stormborn Angel. What happens when time gets tangled and has a glitch?
Briana Dupre. A modern woman on a clear path to success as an entrepreneur. After taking a job in the Deep South offered by her distant and unknown relatives, she discovered another world. A world with a different definition of success.

Bradford Becquerel. A state senator in need of a wife. When a mysterious woman appears in his house, he must defy the conventions of his time or face the consequences. But the consequences might be what he searched for.

Was it a glitch or was it fate? And will Briana and Bradford overcome the barrier of time to find their happily ever after?

*All Storm of Time books stand alone



Oorspronkelijke releasedatum
01 juli 2022
Ebook Formaat
Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Kathryn Kaleigh
Smashwords Edition

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