Busy Mom's Guide: Running for Fitness, Weight Loss & Health EBOOK Tooltip

Busy Mom's Guide: Running for Fitness, Weight Loss & Health
Auteur: Grace Masters
  • Engels
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  • 9781497773264
  • september 2013
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Are you a busy mom, or just a busy female in general, but want to get started running to help with health or other goals? This is the guide for you! Inside this ebook by Grace Masters, you'll find a variety of helpful and useful tips you can start implementing today to begin a running program even if you're strapped for time. The tips and concepts inside the pages of this ebook can be applied by younger or older mothers, who need help in finding time and motivation to get going.

Just a few of the things you'll learn in this ebook include:

- How to work running into your busy schedule.
- A running program you can get started with to build up your stamina.
- How to select the best running clothing and gear.
- Which music is best for running.
- The best choices for your diet while running.
- What to do next with your running once you've made strong progress.

Grace Masters, a busy mother and proponent of running, has participated in multiple types of races for different charities. She helps teach other women ways in which they can use running to seriously create longlasting changes in their health and overall fitness. Whether you're looking for weight loss, or just to get more active, this guide is right for you!



september 2013
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Grace Masters

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