Capitalism, Apology of vita Active and Existential Damage Collection Philosophers of Our Time

Capitalism, Apology of vita Active and Existential Damage
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781544295060
  • maart 2017
  • 108 pagina's
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(a5,108 p.) - If, as I said Sartre, existential philosopher-humanist of the 20th century, ''man is a project that exists only to the extent that the performs'', for the meritocratic existentialism, in a reversal of values and principles, ''the man only exists when, in a dispute any, overcomes his said opponent or enemy, and conquering your called place in the sun,'' systematizing the old, individualistic and conservative proverb that says: ''the sun rises for all, but the shadow is to few''.

However, paradoxically, as capitalism survives and is nourished of crises that he manufactures through their constant processes of programd obsolescence (thing that the homo faber alienated is unaware), the proletariat has not and never will also guarantees, are always doomed to unemployment, as a kind of merchandise any that lose quality and value and that is soon replaced by another said more new and/or improved.

The existential damage caused by capitalism to the class excluded or worker, in this sense:

It is represented by the absence of personal projects of proletarians or of young aspirants to enter the labor market, which spend their youths is not developing as human beings integrals, but if qualifying and again qualifying or if formatting and reformatting as if they were objects or things, i.e., appendices of the productive world;
It is represented by the subordination, while ''Be good'', to the values and practices of the world capitalist said;
It is represented as a coisificação[1] or frustration of man, since, under the condition of social exclusion in which they are born, the excluded is not born free, because without being able to exercise their freedom dictates, i.e., it is not born as a WHO-do, as a rise, but as possible merchandise and/or cheap labor to be exploited (enslaved) by means of ethics ethical in the capitalist system.

These, among many others, are central issues that so epistemologically justified, we will develop and discuss throughout this work.

[1] Transformation of man into thing, object



maart 2017
Aantal pagina's
108 pagina's



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