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IT Strategy Cards

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Auteur: Jan Verbrüggen
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These IT Strategy Cards® function as a great tool for defining your IT strategy and facilitating your strategy workshops in a structured yet practical manner. This card deck covers 8 strategy domains and includes 35 illustrated colour cards, with each card discussing an essential topic on IT strategy (see table of contents below).

As you progress through this card deck and respond to the decisions mentioned on each card, your IT strategy is shaped bit by bit and finally results in an overall IT strategy for your organisation. This approach promotes and facilitates interactives workshops with your team so that their inputis captured in the final result. As such, designing IT strategies becomes easy, intuitive and fun.

Each purchase includes access to our online tool for sharing the card deck during online workshops and webinars. Additionally, feedback from all workshop participants can be introduced in the tool and consolidated into a dashboard that is useful for analysing the results of your workshop.

One card deck allows one person to be configured in the online tool. So if you prefer to register the input for every workshop participant, you will require a separate card deck for each participant.

This purchase also automatically includes online updates free for one year whenever new cards become available. This can be extended with an annual subscription of which you will be notified when your free one-year subscription is about to expire.

Table of Content (one card per topic):

1. Scoping

  • The purpose of an IT strategy
  • Strategic busines IT alignment
  • Concerns of the executive management
  • The role of IT within the organisation
  • Changing influencing factors
  • Map IT on business capabilities
  • Digital transformation
  • Integrating digital transformation

2. Technology

  • Adopt emerging technologies
  • Modular platforms and ecosystems
  • An optimal application landscape
  • Data analytics and business intelligence
  • Dealing with legacy systems

3. Partnerships

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Partnerships for accomplishing the IT strategy

4. Governance

  • IT-related goals
  • Integrating risks into strategy
  • Quality concerns affecting a strategy
  • Data governance
  • Embedding procurement into the strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions

5. Service Delivery

  • IT services to excel at
  • Differentiated and layered IT services
  • Running smooth operations
  • Target operating model

6. Organisation

  • A centralised or decentralised IT
  • IT teams enhancing business agility
  • Effectively attracting and retaining talent
  • Fostering a positive culture

7. Portfolio & Value

  • IT asset investment strategy
  • Turning a cost centre into a profit centre
  • Building a convincing value proposition
  • Consolidation into a strategic portfolio

8. Wrap up

  • Pre-requisites for implementation
  • Wrapping up



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