Divorce 2 Divorce Your Heart in Your Home

Divorce 2 Divorce
Auteur: Alok Kr
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  • 9781456784706
  • augustus 2011
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DIVORCE 2 DIVORCE Your Heart in your Home As a human being, it is our right to use and enjoy every moment of our life on the Earth utilizing all the resources available with us. But, at the same time, rights are rights if we are always mindful of our duties ensuring the quality and quantity of life for ourselves and the upcoming generations. The book is a humble, humane and sincere attempt to share some of the thoughts and processes on the current state of affairs facing our human life on the mother Earth. It is not possible for the author to bring out all facts and aspects of human life here in this book. The book consists of the following chapters. CHAPTER 1 BREATHLESSNESS CHAPTER 2 HOME CHAPTER 3 DIVORCE CHAPTER 4 MARRIAGE CHAPTER 5 DECISION POINTS PREFACE has some feelings that are impossible to ignore and compelling to experience. I think our freshness, of mind, body and character, should be a necessary ingredient in our daily life as well. That will keep us committed, dedicated and motivated to whatever we do or are required to do. This is all the more needed in our marital life too. Freshness and Intensity in the beginning of our job or relationship endear us to people around. We will carry ourselves to the fruition of our endeavours if we are able to not only maintain but rather reinforce it during the course of our journey into that job or relationship. How do we do that? Inside each one of us, there is an invisible thing called FILTER and we need to discover and activate that. Women are another important creature that provides freshness in our human lives. Without them, I think, this world has no meaning. They are the elixir, rather the world itself, for a number of individuals and families. The most beautiful aspect of their life is they dont carry anything to their next birth or life. They pay back their debts to the Mother Earth by giving births and fulfill their debt burden. If we follow closely and properly, we are taught a number of lessons out of their existence. As males, we do not have this facility to pay back the debts that we owe to our Mother Earth. We can do that but only by doing something good and benignant to our Mother Earth by saving our (re)sources. Let us leave it to the choice of each of our brethren living with us. Right since my childhood I am carrying a belief that each one of us living here on the earth carries some purpose of life. I hope I am not wrong and am able to carry it to the last breathe of my life. That encourages me to not consider any individual disrespectfully and take him/her not only seriously but also evince proper interest to encourage achieving more and more in his/her life. I think that is what we try to address through our Individual or Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusive Growth. So many people around us are always our sources of inspiration and help us learn and unlearn every single moment of our life. If we really want to improve the quality of our lives, we should have contagious desire to learn from the mistakes committed by others rather than committing the same mistake ourselves. Some important things key to our existence on the Mother Earth I am going to share now. 5 things external, present in our nature, and 5 things internal, inside our bodies, we must take care of to lead a durable life of satisfaction and achievement. Please do have a guess! What are they? ASFEW i.e. Air, Sky, Fire, Earth and Water are the 5 most important external things and THEEN i.e. Tongue, Hands, Eyes, Ears and Nose are the 5 most important internal things. Can anyone dispute the importance of these 10 elementary things? Probably not! It goes without saying that we must not only take care of these 10 things but also employ them judiciously and cost-effectively. BREATHLESSNESS ''There will be plenty of time to sleep when you are dead. Life is for living. So wake up and perform''. (Benjamin Franklin) This chapter throws open, boisterously, a number of issues that are dogging the humanity most today and crying for a humane approach, outlook and adoption to arrive at the positive exit doors to carve out a living which the human civilization is famous for, for countless centuries. How, through our approach, we can create illustrious personalities today, like in the past and continue showing the generations that nothing is impossible provided we possess an unending desire to bring about a benignant change. HOME This chapter puts light on the importance and meaning on our homes. What do they mean for us on this mother earth? Why is it so valuable? Why, all through our lives, do we crave for a home of our own? Why is it so necessary for us, our children and our relatives? What shall be our fate if we do not have a home consisting of four walls? Whether the home is only the four walls or something more? Who makes a home a home and how? DIVORCE This chapter helps us understand the true meaning and effects of separating or getting separated from our respective life partners in a simple and straightforward way. In our English dictionary, Divorce comes before Marriage but in our Human life, Divorce comes after Marriage. What can we do to avoid it and enjoy the fruits of togetherness and liveliness in our respective lives. MARRIAGE This chapter highlights the importance of marriage in our life and what it means for us. Why does everybody long for marriage in his or her life? If one is not married in ones life, what one is missing? What kind of license is marriage? Why does it make a man a man and a woman a woman? Why are we incomplete before marriage? Why did God create a culture called Marriage? Why have we been following this tradition without questioning it? To get answers to all these questions, my suggestion is to lay your hands on a copy of the book and go through it. DECISION POINTS ''Be the change you want to see in the World''. (Mahatma Gandhi) The only advice here will be to go through the book to be living Happy Advivum. Afterword says Home is where the Heart is! Additionally, it helps the book end on a promising and positive note that if we really care for ourselves, then nothing is going to deter us from achieving our goals that we keep near and dear to our heart and cherish for our children. It helps one go through some of the very simple facts, but all important ones, of life that we tend to forget. It says; The Almighty has provided us with 2 ears and 1 mouth. It means we should Think twice before we Speak, or Speak less and Listen more. Less said is always better than saying too much. That leaves the audience with unsaturated hunger and too many options to ponder over. This will inculcate in us a sense of Accountability that will not only allow us to perform our duties judiciously but also vests in us the much needed right to ask for a more purposeful well-being. I leave it to the wisdom of the readers of my book to evaluate, judge and then do the needful. The theory of Supply and Demand works everywhere, not only in Economics. Like it is said that for a market to sustain healthy and durable, there has to be a Seller and a Buyer. And both must take care of each other for the market to sustain forever. Similarly, if we know the mechanism of matching expectations, then we shall be the extremely successful people. How much should we expect from others and how much should we encourage others to expect from us? I think our common sense and prudence coupled with our education will play an important role here. Love, and to be loved, is what we die for. We grow up for the same. To be living with love is another great achievement in our life. In love alone, we do not come across any boundary. It enables us to live a complete and fruitful life. It teaches us great lessons of life that we, otherwise, may not be able to learn at all. It gives you shocks and after-shocks as well. It gives you floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsun



augustus 2011
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172 pagina's
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Alok Kr
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