E-mail marketing and local based marketing


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More and more of a company’s budget goes to online marketing. This is understandable, because for years on row the online sales have increased at the expense of traditional marketing. Many companies and traditional marketeers have little knowledge in their possesion to develop themselves in this field.

Increase your knowledge concerning Internet Marketing today.
The teacher, Ir. Stefan Rooijackers, has over 18 years of experience as an internet marketeer and is acknowlegded by the government by means of a CRKBO (Central Register Short Business Education) registration.

These courses are presented to you by Internet Marketing Nederland (IMNL). IMNL is the absolute market leader in the Netherlands for years concerning internet marketing training!

Why this course?

Good for your resume
Online course, so study time can be planned individually
Clear guiding
In a time when the entirity of the Netherlands is troubled by mailboxes closing up for good, it is a challenge for marketeers to make sure their mails will not disappear into the trash can right away.

But with the help of our tips it is still possible to score with e-mail!

How do you build a personal relationship with your readers?
Pro’s and cons of html messages versus text messages
What is a good sender?
How do I decide on a strong subject?
Pro’s and cons of the use of images
How often should I mail?
How do I analyse the effect?
How do I obtain more registrations?
Why you should convince your visitors in two seconds
Tempt with a call-to-action
The perfect layout of a call-to-action
The right place for a call-to-action
A clear text in a call-to-action

This course will be provided to you through the means of a re-usable USB-stick with a value of 15 euros.


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