Flip The Funnel How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones


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  • 9780470487853
  • 09 februari 2010
  • 286 pagina's
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When you consider customer acquisition for your business, think about this question for a moment: how much of your sales come from repeat business versus first time customers? Now contrast that against how much money you spend against each segment. If you are embarrassed by the gaping disconnect, don t worry; you are not alone. But what if you did something about it? What if you turned everything on its head and instead of ending with a customer purchase, you began with it? What if you focused the lion s share of your effort, energy, and budget on keeping customers versus attracting them? What if you could correct this imbalance and, in doing so, not only get your customers to keep coming back for more, but tell others to do so as well?

Joseph Jaffe loves to take on such sacred cows in business practice, turning them on their heads and shaking them up to see what falls out. Building on what this prolific thought leader started in Life After the 30 Second Spot and Join the Conversation, Flip the Funnel brings you a radically new, radically common sense look at customer experience as the key to business success.

Get ready to do a 180 on everything you thought you knew about marketing as Flip the Funnel:

  • Explains how to cut your marketing budget and grow sales by focusing on what really matters your customers and employees

  • Outlines the real role of social media

  • Reveals the hidden potential of influencers and evangelists

  • Illustrates practical ways to use existing customers to reach out to new prospects

  • Shows how retention can be the new acquisition

  • Demonstrates key ideas with rich, real life examples including Comcast, Apple, the Obama campaign, Dell, Panasonic, American Airlines, Zappos, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, and many, many more

Using his newly introduced ''flipped funnel'' model (A.D.I.A.), together with a set of new rules of customer service (customer service 2.0) and a revolutionary customer referral and activation process, you ll learn how to transform your existing customers into your best salespeople, discover how to strategically differentiate your brand, save money, and forge lasting customer relationships along the way.



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09 februari 2010
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Joseph Jaffe
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Joseph Jaffe
John Wiley & Sons Inc

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