Guide for the Noahide A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Noahide Covenant and Key Torah Values for All Mankind

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Guide for the Noahide
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  • Introductie: 2010-05-05
  • Blz.: 216 pagina's
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According to sacred Torah tradition, painstakingly preserved over millennia, the Noahide Laws are the terms of HaShem's covenant with Noah after the Flood. Sadly, they were abandoned and largely forgotten. Then nearly 800 years later, another global cataclysmic event shook the world: the frightening and awesome events coinciding with the Exodus and Giving of the Torah at Sinai. Since that second rebirth of the world, the nations of the world have been obligated to these laws through the Torah of Moses. After all, it is only through the Torah that mankind even knows the true historical account of the Deluge and HaShem's Covenant with Noah. The simplicity of this Covenant is striking. It requires no religious ceremonies, no sacrificial service, no priestly hierarchy. It upholds equality between men and women, all races and all colors. It is the most basic code of human behavior that allows for a world united under the One and Only King of the Universe. According to Torah, it is forbidden for non-Jews to create man-made religions. Why add to the simple perfection of HaShem's covenant? The world of the spirit is as wide to the righteous Noahide as it is to the righteous Jew. One must bear in mind that the very foundation of any relationship with the True God is knowing and fulfilling all the precepts that He has commanded us as Jews and Noahides. Piety cannot replace, and indeed cannot be reached, without this solid foundation. Hailed by rabbis and Noahide scholars alike, this Guide -- meant for both non-Jews and Jews -- presents the Laws of the Noahide Covenant as never before: precisely as they were codified in Talmudic law according to the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides (RaMBaM).



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05 mei 2010
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