Insight In Sight

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Insight In Sight
Auteur: Sylvie Hache'
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 30 september 2011
  • 192 pagina's
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Was I born like this? Vulnerable and defenseless, her life in a tailspin from an abusive, failed marriage, Sylvie Hach fell into the welcoming arms of the homosexual community, where she embraced the non-straight lifestyle wholeheartedly, even finding and undergoing a civil union with the woman of her dreams. She believed her greatest struggles would be coming out and the acceptance of family and society; but when she is met with struggles she cannot overcome, and her life deteriorates into a hellish-merry-go-round, losing everything of value to her, a Christian family comes to her rescue, taking her into their home to live. It is there that she sees a glaring contrast between her emaciated life, and the beautiful, loving, peaceful life of her host family. That is when she comes face to face with an unseen reality she was not aware of, nor expecting to find, leading her to seek the truth, and uncover answers to the questions: Do we have free will to live however we choose? Does God accept homosexuality? Is there a right way to live? Was I born this way? In Insight In Sight Was I Born Like This be encouraged and inspired by this true story of Sylvie s victorious journey, from living the non-straight lifestyle, to finding a life far greater than anything she could have ever imagined. Sylvie Hach embraced the homosexual lifestyle for 13 years before receiving life-altering insight that caused her to turn her life around. She is now dedicated to helping others who currently live a non-straight lifestyle (or who are considering it) to receive this life-altering truth and insight, so they too, can enjoy the life they were born to live. She lives in Ontario, Canada.



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30 september 2011
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Sylvie Hache'
Xulon Press

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