Just Close Enough
Auteur: Elizabeth Marx
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781519253910
  • november 2015
  • 436 pagina's
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Revenge. Betrayal. Retribution. That’s the Russian way.Seattle businessman Alexander Volkow arrives in Crossroads, Alabama and buys up half of Broad Street. Local residents think he’s there to buy low and sell high, but he’s really after information pointing to a hometown hero who’s MIA. Alex is determined to get his vengeance, leading him to the missing man’s fiancée. Although Polly Anna swears she doesn’t know where Billy is, she might offer Alex the payback he’s looking for with her sweet Southern charm and hot little body. The problem is her sexy snort might lure him back for more. He’ll do anything to get his revenge ... even pretend to fall in love.Polly Anna Coots is searching for a way out.Escaping Crossroads is the only way to survive Billy. Everyone thinks he’s MIA, and no one wishes it’s true more than Polly Anna’s battered body, but someone’s been stalking her. All she needs to make her getaway are the profits from her organic cotton crop, but Alexander Volkow is the only man who’ll buy it and he wants more than a business deal. She’s been with a possessive, domineering man before—there’s no way she’s getting in bed with a secretive Russian playboy ... especially one who’s after something more than another notch in his bed post.In a small Southern town filled with secrets that fuel the smoldering fire burning between them, can either one of them get Just Close Enough?Alabama Secret Series Each book is a stand alone novel with crossover characters, they are numbered in the order they were written, not in chronological order. Just in Case Book 1 Just Close Enough Book 2 *New Adult* **+17 due to language, sexual situations, and sensitive subject matter**



november 2015
Aantal pagina's
436 pagina's



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1 review
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  • Amazing!!
    • Goede verhaallijn
    • Grappig
    • Meeslepend verhaal
    • Spannend
    • heartbreaking
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    Geschreven bij Just Close Enough

    Alex wants revenge, his brother has been missing a while now. He went missing with another guy in his unit: Billy. The only way to get to Billy is his fiance: Polly Anna.
    So Alex starts watching her. But one day they get in to an accident together, and Alex can't leave her alone anymore. So starts their journey. Polly Anna is a stubborn southern woman. So Alex has to convince her that together they are an epic love story.
    But then Polly Anna is more and more in danger and strange things start happening.
    But still Alex doesn't give up on his sooka.

    This book broke my heart at times, but also put it back together. I cried and I laughed. I yelled and screamed, but in the end it was totally worth it to go trough all the bad stuff.

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