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Auteur: Som Bathla
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Just Get It Done
Auteur: Som Bathla
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  • E-book
  • 9781386631156
  • 23 oktober 2017
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Conquer Your Inner Procrastinator, Develop Proactive Mindset, Handle Difficult Tasks with Ease and Accelerate Your Growth

What if you master your time and attention and get more done in less time? What if you are able to handle distractions smartly without affecting your relationship with others?

Imagine mastering difficult tasks with ease and getting appreciated for your work. Imagine being able to finish your important projects well before time, while others get stressed and anxious. Imagine spending qualiity time with your loved ones and friends without any work stress or anxiety.

If you are sincerely looking for effective ways to conquer your inner procrastinator, increase your focus and productivity and get more done in less time*, there is a simple and practical solution:*

JUST GET IT DONE**:** Conquer Procrastination, Eliminate Distractions, Boost Your Focus, Take Massive Action Proactively and Get Difficult Things Done Faster

JUST GET IT DONE is written to comprehensively explain the key reasons, mindset problems and the language, which causes one to procrastinate. The book focuses on mindset development and showers 27 effective strategies to get things done faster.

This Book provides a detailed blueprint for mental reprogramming and mindset development to conquer your inner procrastinator and take massive action proactively*.* It will help you learn the actionable strategies to consistently take action, which will help you get more done in less time.

In this holistic blueprint:

  • You will learn what is Procrastination with real-life examples, you will resonate and relate with.
  • How Procrastination is distinctively disastrous, as compared to other philosophies around like prioritization and Procrastination on Purpose (POP).
  • 5 Mindset Bugs which rule the Procrastinator's mind and how these differ from a non-procrastinator's mindset with a focus on mindset development.
  • 11 key Reasons why People Procrastinate (You will definitely find yours)
  • Lastly, the most actionable portion of this book, 27 time-tested strategies, implemented by the productivity stars to beat procrastination and rock their performance to the next best level. And how can you learn these strategies?
  • Learn the less heard principles like "Step One-Clarity Rule" and how to quickly start anything despite feeling overwhelmed.
  • You will understand how "Just in Time" approach works wonder instead of "Just in Case**"**approach.
  • You will learn how to mitigate digital distractions by 75% instantly by following practical strategies
  • And much more practical and useful action steps.

JUST GET IT DONE is for ANYONE who struggles to take action**.** Whether you're a student, knowledge worker, small or medium sized entrepreneur, solopreneur or stay-at-home parent***,*** the strategies described in this book are equally effective and transformational for everyone.

So Grab your copy of JUST GET IT DONE today to beat your inner procrastination, sharpen your focus and productivity and get results faster.

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Oorspronkelijke releasedatum
23 oktober 2017
Ebook Formaat
Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Som Bathla
​Som Bathla

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