Le coeur des ténèbres EBOOK

Le coeur des ténèbres
Auteur: Joseph Conrad
  • Franstalig
  • E-book
  • 9782253168423
  • oktober 2012
  • 216 pagina's
  • Adobe ePub
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Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) was born in Berdichev, in the Ukraine, in a region that had once been a part of Poland but was then under Russian rule. His father Apollo Korzeniowski was an aristocrat without lands, a poet and translator of English and French literature. The family estates had been sequestrated in 1839 following an anti-Russian rebellion. As a boy the young Joseph read Polish and French versions of English novels with his father. When Apollo Korzeniowski became embroiled in political activities, he was sent to exile with his family to Volgoda, northern Russia, in 1861.

By 1869 Conrad's both parents had died of tuberculosis, and he was sent to Switzerland to his maternal uncle Tadeusz Bobrowski, who was to be a continuing influence on his life. Conrad attended schools in Kraków and persuaded his uncle to let him go to the sea. In the mid-1870s he joined the French merchant marine as an apprentice, and made three voyages to the West Indies between 1875 and 1878. During his youth Conrad also was involved in arms smuggling for the Carlist cause in Spain.

After being wounded in a duel or of a self-inflicted gunshot in the chest, Conrad continued his career at the seas for 16 years in the British merchant navy. This was a turning point in his life. Conrad rose through the ranks from common seaman to first mate, and by 1886 he obtained his master mariner's certificate, commanding his own ship, Otago. In the same year he was given British citizenship and he changed officially his name to Joseph Conrad.

In 1890 he sailed in Africa up the Congo River. The journey provided much material for his novel Heart of Darkness. However, the fabled East Indies particularly attracted Conrad and it became the setting of many of his stories. By 1894 Conrad's sea life was over. During the long journeys he had started to write and Conrad decided to devote himself entirely to literature. At the age of 36 Conrad settled down in England.

Although Conrad is known as a novelist, he tried his hand also as a playwright. His first one-act play was not success - the audience rejected it. But after finishing the text he learned the existence of the Censor of the Plays, which inspired his satirical essay about the obscure civil servant. Conrad was an Anglophile who regarded Britain as a land which respected individual liberties. As a writer he accepted the verdict of a free and independent public, but associated this official figure of censorship to the atmosphere of the Far East and the 'mustiness of the Middle Ages', which shouldn't be part of the twentieth-century England.

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Edition enrichie (préface, notes, bibliographie)

Le Cœur des ténèbres s'inspire d'un épisode de la vie de Conrad en 1890 dans l'État libre du Congo mis en coupe réglée au profit de Léopold II. De cette expérience amère, l'écrivain a tiré un récit enchâssé dont chaque élément, à la façon des poupées russes, dissimule une autre réalité : la Tamise annonce le Congo, le yawl de croisière la Nellie le vapeur cabossé de Marlow, truchement de Conrad. Ces changements d'identité sont favorisés par les éclairages instables au coucher du soleil ou par le brouillard qui modifie tous les repères et dont émerge Kurtz. Présenté par de nombreux personnages bien avant d'entrer en scène, celui-ci fait voler en éclats toutes les définitions et finit par incarner le cœur énigmatique des ténèbres : le lieu où se rencontrent l'abjection la plus absolue et l'idéalisme le plus haut.

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oktober 2012
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216 pagina's
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Joseph Conrad

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