Light Your Life The Art of using Light for Health and Happiness

Light Your Life
Auteur: Karl Ryberg
  • Engels
  • Hardcover
  • 9781473661547
  • oktober 2018
  • 224 pagina's
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Karl Ryberg

Karl Ryberg is een psycholoog en architect uit Stockholm. Hij werkt al dertig jaar met praktische lichttherapie. Karl studeerde biologie in Engeland en Rusland en is wereldwijd een erkende spreker op het gebied van licht.


Learn how to use light to boost your mood and wellbeing, create a happier, healthier home and enhance your life. The light that surrounds on a daily basis us has a huge impact on our brains, our mood and our mental health and yet, on the whole, we tend to pay it very little attention. Many of us wake up in the dark, turn on the lights, go to work and sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end, passing our days oblivious to the poor-quality lighting that surrounds us. We complain of headaches, of low mood, of poor vision and of getting the blues, or SAD, in the winter, but rarely do we truly consider the effect that light may be having on our lives. In this brilliant, accessible book Karl Ryberg explains how light affects our eyes, our health and our wellbeing and inspires us to bring more quality light into our daily life. He gives us the scientific information we need to understand the subject, combined with practical advice on maximising our exposure to natural light, selecting the best lighting to use at home, along with advice on minimising the effects of light pollution and blue light from screens and smartphones, working with - not against - our body clocks (including light rituals for better sleep) and gives advice on the use of light therapy and practising eye yoga to encourage your eye muscles to work effectively. 'This is timely advice.' - The Daily Telegraph



oktober 2018
Aantal pagina's
224 pagina's


Karl Ryberg



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