Live What You Love The 20 Golden Secrets of Business Attitudes to Succeed


Live What You Love

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  • 9781728384856
  • 15 maart 2019
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IF YOU WANT TO BE FINANCIALLY FREE YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO WIN THE GAMES Jean Tchamgue, founder of Connecting Enterprise is not someone with genial ideas, but a person who has more Business Attitudes and an ability to take a Risk and turn his idea or someone else into business, by creating a product or service with staff, premise and make profits. He's more focused on Process and Practical Methodology to help his learners and entrepreneurs to move directly and efficiently step-by-step from point A to point B to achieve a specific outcome. His passion in life is to help people to take their knowledge, experiences, their skill sets and translate them into real products and services that make a difference for others and make profit for them. He's a five years degree, married with children and was earning more than £33,000 a year as student in Geneva in 1998-2002 until one day, he took the big decision to step off the ladder and try to make it on his own. In 2003 he was in London looking for new opportunities due to the advent of Internet Business. It was a tough moment of his life because of language barrier, although his written language was better than his spoken English. In 2006 he'd found a job as factory worker at Cooper Vision, and was earning a half of what he had as student. Today Jean is a self-made entrepreneur with ten separate Internet Business, each one with a business turnover of hundred thousand pound using: Drop Shipping Business, Fulfillment By Amazon Business, eBay Business and Training Programme, built from scratch during his time as factory worker. The 20 golden secrets of business attitudes to succeed is the inside story of Jean's success, failure and a straight guide to how you can make it too. The Jean's Secret Formula to Get Ahead F2= (A + V + R) x O + (D+HW) is an online training, not a rocket science. It is a common sense with 20 key rules and attitudes he learnt along the way that together, create Total-Money-Tree-Machine-Business that never stop for anyone who wants to be financially free. INCLUDES: -THE GAME CHANGE-REAL LIFE EXAMPLE -PRACTICAL EXERCICES -SIMPLES IDEAS AND TIPS -THE MAGIC OF INTERNET BUSINESS Jean Tchamgue is the founder of Connecting Enterprise and Director of: Owner of blog: - People call him professor Drop Shipping. Messenger of Strategies & Creator of Anonymous Millionaires.



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15 maart 2019
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Jean Tchamgue
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Jean Tchamgue
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