Love Money, Money Loves You Luisterboek Tooltip A Conversation With The Energy Of Money


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  • 9781669688372
  • 10 augustus 2018
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Many people believe that making money is hard work and you must sacrifice your values in order to be financially successful. This simply isn’t true.

This unique book shows you how to explore a relationship with money that aligns with your true values. By discovering what money really is and how it really works, you can relax about money and experience a relationship with it that feels good. By learning how to ask for what you really want and receive it generously, you can create a relationship with money that produces tangible results. This is particularly important if you are someone who wants to create positive change in the world.

After two decades of working with energy, and just a few weeks after the failure of her business in London, Sarah was asked “What does money want to say to you?” She started writing a response and found words coming out of her pen that weren’t her own. They started with, “I would like to tell you to love me.”

Sarah was intrigued to discover more about the source of this message and continued writing like this for 3 months. The result is this collection of surprising, funny and inspiring advice from the energy of money itself. It takes you into the heart of the world of money and gives you insight into how the energy of money operates behind our physical world.

The clear, simple language of Love Money, Money Loves You cuts through scarcity and fear-based thinking about money. Whether you are wealthy, poor or anywhere in between, it shows you how to move towards natural abundance and generosity.

The best money book I've ever read! I've read oodles of them over the years....from Secret Door to Success, to Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Suzie Ormond, Think and Grow Rich...etc. This one ROCKS MY WORLD. Recommended without hesitation. I am seeing results already and I've not even finished it! Linda ( Amazon Review)



Digitaal luisterboek
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum
10 augustus 2018


Sarah Mccrum
Sarah McCrum

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