Lucifer Dethroned

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  • augustus 2018
  • 350 pagina's
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HE WAS A SATANIST! Payment was due…But when a Christian bank clerk saw his check to the Church of Satan and began praying for him, William Schnoebelen's life suddenly fell apart. His incredible occult powers failed. He lost his job - was evicted from his home - Everything went wrong! Because one Christian woman dared to PRAY - a high-ranking satanist came face to face with the ONLY AUTHORITY greater than the dark lord he served!WITNESS what the devil can do to a man - and what Jesus Christ can do for that man to shatter profound chains of spiritual despair. If a man possessed by demons and blood lust - headed for murder - can be set free and transformed by Jesus Christ NO ONE is beyond Salvation and Deliverance! THIS BOOK EXPOSES the dark origins and inner-workings of Satanism today - From ''above ground'' groups like the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set to the infernal depths of secret, hard-core satanic cults. LEARN Spiritual Warfare and how to PRAY against dark powers behind witchcraft and black magic - evidence that NOTHING compares to the power of the Blood shed on the Cross of Calvary and LEARN how to WITNESS the GOSPEL effectively to pagans, witches and Satanists!Since his miraculous salvation in Yahushua (Jesus Christ) over 30 years ago, Dr. William Schnoebelen has faithfully served Elohim & pressed into the calling and anointing of the Almighty, teaching Scriptural revelation to the Body of Messiah and ministering to the lost. A prayer warrior, counselor, Scriptural scholar and author, he founded With One Accord Ministries in 1992 and has traveled the world teaching, preaching and sharing the Gospel.An authority on alternative religions, cults and the occult, before his salvation Bill spent sixteen years as a teacher and high priest of witchcraft, spiritism and ceremonial magick. A former Satanist & Druidic high priest, the Almighty has used Dr. Bill's past to teach Spiritual Warfare and Minister to lost.



augustus 2018
Aantal pagina's
350 pagina's



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