Making John A Soldier A Nebraskan Goes To War

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Making John A Soldier
Auteur: John Malloy Sr
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  • Paperback
  • 13 november 2011
  • 626 pagina's
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"Making John a Soldier A Nebraskan Goes to War" describes the life and trials of some of the 16,000,000 Americans who fought freedom's battle in World War II- the group Tom Brocaw dubbed " The Greatest Generation." The book describes how World War II engulfed the author's life from his enlistment in 1942 until his discharge three years later. It includes highlights of life changing experiences the author encountered as an infantry rookie training in California's desert in 1943 to the role he later played helping crush Hitler's minions. The book is more than a history of one person or one infantry division. Rather it describes key battle actions of Army units in both the Pacific and European theaters, as well as pivotal Marine and Naval engagements in the Pacific. It examines the titanic Russian and German struggles from Germany's invasion of Russia in June 1941 to the Soviet's final conquest of Berlin in 1945. Thirty maps depict settings where crucial battles were fought in both the European and Pacific theaters. The book often focuses on the individual warrior who fought alone against a determined and brutal enemy. The book delineates strategy dictated by the most senior command, guiding battle action of friend and foe alike. "Making John A Soldier" provides a view of the uncelebrated sacrifices and bravery of the ordinary American GI during World War II. It recounts the heroic exploits of a special group-seven Nebraskans awarded the Medal of Honor. For more information go to:



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13 november 2011
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John Malloy Sr
Outskirts Press

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