Memoir Of Adoniram Judson - Being A Sketch Of His Life And Missionary Labors Being a Sketch of His Life and Missionary Labors

Memoir Of Adoniram Judson - Being A Sketch Of His Life And Missionary Labors
Auteur: J. Clement
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  • 9781406735260
  • maart 2007
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ADONIRAM JUDSON BEING A SKETCH OF HIS LIFE AND MISSIONARY LABORS. BY J. CLEMENT, AUTHOR OF NOBLB DEEDS OF AMRUICAN WOMEN, Knowcst thou the loader of that train, who toil The everlasting Gospels light to ehcd On earths benighted dunes AUBURN DERBY AND MILLER. BUFFALO . H. DERBY AND CO 1853, Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1851, BY DERBY fe MILLER, In the Clerks office of the District Court of the United States for the Northern District uf New York, TO if AND ADMIRERS OF MORAL HEROISM, THIS VOLUME IS DEDICATED. PREFACE. The preparation of this work was not a self-imposed task It was undertaken at the solicitation of the publishers, and by the request of parties to whom we look for an assignment of labors, No one can be more sensible than is the writer, of his unworthiness to be associated, in the relation of biogra pher, with the good man, an outline of whose missionary toils is presented in these pages. So much veneration is attached to his name, and such solemn grandeur to his character, that it may be deemed sacrilegious presumption for an unpretending layman to endeavor to perpetuate the one or to portray the other. Nor have we attempted either, save as a plain recital of his pioneer and persevering efforts for the spiritual freedom and eternal salvation of the millions of idolatrous Burmah may conduce to that end. True, even a meager sketch of his life-work must disclose most of his noble traits of character and it is to be hoped that the contour of the more prominent may be discernible VI PREFACE. in tMs volume. His firmness and elevation of principle expansive conceptions of Christian duty, simplicity and in flexibility of faith, and fervor and enthusiasm ofpiety, are apparent in the portions of his journal and letters which we have inserted and his practical judgment, strong executive capacities, untiring patience, and profound philological and other literary attainments, are exhibited in the nature, amount, and excellence of his labors, at which this work repeatedly hints. If there is any one trait which is not developed in the following pages, it is benevolence. Much of it, however, is implied in the fact, that he gave thirty eight years of manly toil for the redemption of a people who robbed him under the vail of taxes cruelly levied, loaded him with fetters, cast him into dungeons and death prisons, drove him bare-footed over burning sands, and, finally, to bar him from the heart of the empire and from the golden presence, swung against his philanthropic heart the iron gates of intolerance. But he gave more than his days to the cause of Missions more than his comforts a martyr to persecution about fifteen hundred dollars re ceived for the memoir of his second wife, and between four and five thousand dollars presented as a reward for his services as interpreter during the English and Burman war, were put into the treasury of the Lord. All he was, all he had, all he received, he cheerfully laid on the altar of Missions and while, by divine grace, he was enabled to point others to imperishable riches, so far as it respects PREFACE. Vii tHs worlds goods lie himself died a poor man. The only legacy lie lias left, for an invalid widow and several children, is a great and good name and a precious memory. And it may not be improper, in this connection, to mention that, with commendable generosity, the publishers of this work liave voluntarilypledged themselves, in case profits should accrue from its sale, to donate a liberal portion to the sur viving members of the Judson family. For this reason, if for no other, we could wish the work had higher merits, and brighter anticipations of public favor. In order that it might not be deemed valueless, we have made it as autobiographical as was consistent with our plan. Nearly half of these pages are extracts from Mr...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
336 pagina's
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J. Clement
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