Money Matters

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Money Matters
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781625098733
  • 19 maart 2013
  • 120 pagina's
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A NO-HOLDS-BARRED ATTEMPT AT CHANGING THE WAY WE THINK ABOUT MONEY AND MAKING US FINANCIALLY FREE Matters of Money bursts with nuggets, tips, advice, warnings, and road-maps for anyone interested in attaining financial freedom. Using Biblical wisdom as his foundation, David Oritsejolomi Gbenebichie has written a compelling book that swings from properly putting money in the right perspective to providing step-by-step suggestions on how to relate with money, acquire it, save it, invest it and share it. It is likely you won't put this book down once you get started. It is also likely your financial life will never remain the same if you study and practice the principles and laws of money the author has passionately shared in simple prose. Whether you are a teenager, a middle-aged person or nearing retirement, you will find enough wisdom and inspiration in this book to change your paradigm about money. David Oritsejolomi Gbenebichie is a well-respected speaker, author, mentor and educator in leadership, success and personal development. He is a pastor of pastors and oversees The Leadership Farm, a non-profit organization whose vision is to raise and inspire the next generation of leaders in Zambia in particular and Africa in general to become catalysts for positive change at every level of society. Oritsejolomi, believes you can grow leaders just like a farmer grows crops, he believes that the future and the fortunes of Africa can be changed by unleashing the wealth locked up in the minds of the next generation of African leaders. Besides this, Gbenebichie is a missionary, pastor and a lawyer by profession. He is married with four children.



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19 maart 2013
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