Murder for Profit Serial Killers Motivated by Profit

Murder for Profit
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  • februari 2014
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This is another intriguing book from the author of Serial Sex Killers and Sexual Psychopaths which examines the serial killer who murders for profit. All in all, fourteen of the world’s most notorious serial killers are profiled including the Body Snatchers, William Burke and William Hare; William Palmer, the Prince of Poisoners; the Black Widows, Catherine Flannagan and Margaret Higgins; French serial killer Marcel Petiot; Dorothea Puente, the Sacramento Killer; Britain’s worst serial killer, Harold Shipman and Australia’s worst serial killer, John Wayne Glover. The book asks the question as to whether William Palmer, Britain’s most notorious poisoner, was given a fair trial or whether his trial was politically motivated.The author brings us into the curious an intriguing world of the Acid Bath Murderer, British born, John George Haigh who dissolved all his victims in vats of acid because he believed that if the police could not find a body then he could not be convicted for murder. In a hugely entertaining chapter the author discusses America’s first serial killer, Dr. H.H. Holmes who was convicted of multiple murder in 1895 and the possibility that Holmes and Jack the Ripper may have been the same person. He sifts through the forensic evidence with many credible arguments made in favour of this sensational theory. Read about Americans Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez , the Lonely Hearts Killers who were convicted in 1951. Fernandez was the Lothario who seduced and robbed single women who wrote to him in Lonely Hearts Clubs. Martha was his lover and accomplice who helped him perfect his crimes.One of the most unpleasant of all of these killers was American Richard Ramirez, otherwise known as the Night Stalker who was convicted in 1988. Ramirez began his career as a thief and then graduated to burglary. Later, he added killing, rape and sodomy to his repertoire. An avowed Satanist, he terrorized Los Angeles and later San Francisco in the 1980s. Read about his particularly heinous crimes.They are all here, with all the arguments for and against their convictions, and up to date information about each case so that you, the reader, can decide if these notorious killers truly deserved the punishment they received for the commission of their crime – murder for profit.



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