Must Win Battles Creating the focus you need to achieve your key business goals


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  • 9780273704577
  • 08 september 2005
  • 248 pagina's
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Must-Win Battles is an essential companion for leaders who want to cut through an array of uncoordinated initiatives, and bring focus and renewed energy to their organizations. It will show you how to identify and agree on the key critical challenges that will make or break your business, and help you to mobilize people and resources to achieve those goals.

Must-Win Battlesis an essential companion for leaders who want to cut through an array of uncoordinated initiatives, and bring focus and renewed energy to their organizations. “Moving a company to the next level requires confronting the right challenges, and Peter Killing, Thomas Malnight, and Tracey Keys show how to pick your battles and then how to win them. Their Must-Win Battles provides a practical playbook for unleashing and aligning the intellectual and emotional energies essential for any business triumph.” Michael Useem, Director-Center for Leadership and Change Management, The Wharton School and author of The Leadership Moment “In Must-Win Battles Peter Killing and Thomas Malnight have distilled their richly varied experiences drawn from many organizations over many years. Together they have created a practical handbook for all managers who are interested in re-energizing and improving their business performance. Must-Win Battles is easy to read and brimful with practical advice; well worth a few hours of your time.” Iain Ferguson CBE, Chief Executive, Tate & Lyle PLC Named European Businessman of the Year by Forbes Magazine, 2005 “Working with must-win battles has fundamentally changed our approach to where we seek growth in the market and the way we engage our people in realizing these goals. Must-win battles are the glue that ties the business together globally, that everyone understands and can contribute to. The process clarifies for everyone the long-term vision and business direction, where to allocate resources and why it is important to get aligned.” Diego Bevilacqua, President, Foodsolutions, Unilever “Every executive knows that there are certain battles that must be won for the business tobe successful. This great new book provides a real-world, step-by-step approach to choosing the right battles in a way that helps unleash the organizational will to achieve them. Must Win Battles is a wonderful contribution to the art and science of management! So much so that it’s inspired me to launch my own MWB journey.” Bob Rieder, President & CEO Cardiome Pharma Corp.



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08 september 2005
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Thomas Malnight
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Tracey Keys
Co Auteur
Thomas Malnight

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