No Longer Silent

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No Longer Silent
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9780578068954
  • 01 december 2011
  • 227 pagina's
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One in three women is a victim of sexual abuse before they turn 19. This could be the story of your friend or neighbour, your parent or your lover. This might be your story. This is the life story of Tammy Gagnon. Tammy left home at 14, fleeing an incestuous childhood. Running from guilt and shame too overwhelming for any little girl, Tammy experienced further betrayal and feelings of worthlessness, suffering from additional sexual assaults on her young body. Turning to alcohol and drugs numbed the pain for short periods. After years of attempting to numb the pain this resulted in more questions than answers. Why didn't I tell? Why me? Why can't I cry? What is wrong with me? She was out of control and destructive. She ended up in prison. How does a young woman battle back from the edge to thrive with a new life? How did she stop blaming herself and overcome such a challenging childhood? At great cost, Tammy is finally ready to end the silence and speak her truth, as she never has before. She shares her journey from horror to that of one she is grateful and happier than ever before. Tammy Gagnon is on a mission to help others claim their voices and speak their truth. Tammy shares her journey and life lessons about forgiveness and rebuilding ...of learning to love herself wholly, and to overcome the darkness of her past with a new message of love and light for all. That Tammy made it out alive is a miracle. That her story is inspiring others to find their voices and claim healthier lives is Tammy's greatest blessing. Tammy Gagnon is grateful to have survived years of pain and horror. When not writing and helping others find their voice. Tammy thrives in Virginia where she lives happily as a mother and grandmother, treasuring every moment with her family and furry friend, Karma.



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01 december 2011
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Tammy Gagnon
Tweede Auteur
Tammy Gagnon
Contrapoint Publishing

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