Oneness Effort Self-Help Guide for Awakening

Oneness Effort

Uitgever: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Auteur: Jyotisha Tat
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  • 9781490506289
  • oktober 2013
  • 252 pagina's
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Reading Oneness Effort might be the first step in order to cure yourself permanently from the psychical, emotional and existential suffering you have been facing in your life up to this moment and boosting your spiritual power with a mind in idle mode. Oneness Blessing energy transference is complementary to reading and practising the in Oneness Effort suggested exercises. Oneness Effort has been published with permission of Oneness University and has been blessed by Bhagavan. Oneness Effort was initially written down for life coaching clients. It was handy to give clients structured information and homework to prepare for next counseling sessions. Over the years the material grew and is now bundled into one book. It represents Jyotisha's present view on what is most important for personal growth. Most of the know-how in this book originates from Oneness University teachings. In addition the Flower of Life symbol and teachings are linked to these. You might say grace can be defined as Divine Intervention in our lives. It is part of the resultant quadrant or physical quadrant. It represents the fruit of our purification efforts. In case you reach a permanent awakened state an automatic acceleration of embracing occurs. You need support from deep inner peace energy from someone else to break through your patterns. This Oneness Effort workbook supports you in seeing patterns better and asking for more specific support from others through whom the Divine is working. In the end everything is DIVINE. Chapter Understanding our Emotions is designed to explaining the major emotions in great detail, how they are related and how they develop from subtle to extremely strong. By understanding these distinct emotions we are more likely to accept them and consequently this opens doors to personal transformation. Chapter Understanding our Mind is designed to explain how the mind draws us away from the present. It uses sabotaging techniques to prevent us from dissolving charges. The charge is the fuel for the mind. As soon as we can manage the mind to stay in idle mode we can experience and enjoy reality as it is. Normally the mind colours the present with charges of the past and in addition the mind projects fear for loosing the present external conditions - surrounding you today - in the future. The mind plays 6 tricks to stay alive. Chapter Setting our Goals is designed to make you aware where your challenges are in terms of relationships, health, finance, work, growth and so on. It is a very practical chapter. Chapter Design by Divine is designed towards explaining a male aspect of the Divine. In addition the birth process is explained derived form the Flower of Life symbol layers and the 4 basket teachings of Oneness University. This supports you in understanding where charges reside and what the specific type of fears and impact is on your behaviour later on in life.Chapter Tracing our Sorrow is designed to life regression back in time. It is about live events in the past. It is called our sorrow because the sorrow is collective. It is passed on from person to person and passed down from generation to generation. It is and has been out of our personal control. The charges are ruling our life since we were born.Chapter Facing our Shadow is designed to becoming aware on a daily basis what is going on inside of you. It is about the present. What and who is triggering your emotions? Stop learning to blame others and look into the mirror. Everything is a reflection of what resides inside. Chapter Embracing our Pain is designed to becoming aware of how the mind is sabotaging you, telling you to embrace your pain one day in the future and not today. Chapter Realizing our Purpose is designed towards teaching you how to co-create with the Divine. Empowering the creation power to establish the things or processes you intent to realize. Apply techniques and use your passion as a driving force.



oktober 2013
Aantal pagina's
252 pagina's


Jyotisha Tat
Heidi Borgart
Kelly La Rosa
Kelly La Rosa



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