Only You Girl
Auteur: Bj Bj
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  • 9781425746957
  • september 2007
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A life: a shared time of feelings. What is it in reality? Could our just being here, be but a memory. "Heaven forbid." But in our world, can we place ourselves in memory? She lives for the laughter; the people who walk in her world.the stories become her memory. She calls her grandmother long distance. -Grandmother answered and she starts the conversation with -hi grandma- what have you been doing? - Her grandmother talks some of her world. -They chat for a few, then a feeling comes to her, and she says -you know, I don't think you're my grandma-. And grandmother replies, -I don't think you're my granddaughter either-. Ok, - well have a good day, and it was nice talking to you. - Should I call again? She laughs, "Only you girl." It's her son's birthday today. The children are at school, and needing to get the birthday cake made, she decides to get the woodcook stove heated up. (Thinking about how hot the oven needs to be, and how much to let it cool down.) She gets the angle food cake mixed and in the oven. Going to the stove to check on the cake, she opens the oven door. There is the blackest cake rising to the top of the oven, gets there, and then down it come It ends up about 2 inches tall, burnt black -Now what do I do-? -I don't have anything else-. Mind made up, just scrap the sides and top, she frosts it with a nice white frosting, (trying not to cry while at it)..Opening presents, the best part. The cake...not so good. One of her most humiliating moments ever Taking a trip home to her parents house, she's so excited to see them, and her siblings. The day is glorious, she and her mom are outside visiting, and the guys are out back working on a vehicle. David the oldest brother arrives, deciding to help them with their chore, he comes around from out back taking off his shirt, and he hands it to her -Here sis, would you take care of this for me? - It's a nice white shirt, (he just came from church). Sure, then she gets the water hose and wets the shirt down. Hangs it on the clothesline, laughing the whole time. Mom says: -Oh girl, you don't want to do that. He will get even - Then thinking of what she just did, she decides to hide. Here comes David, taking a look around for his shirt, and spots it hanging on the line dripping with water She's hiding behind the drapes in the house and can see the look on his face. It's -oh where is she - The hunt was on.Finally he gets in his pickup and goes up the road. She couldn't believe it. - David giving up that soon. - Well, fun for the day. She decides to go out and brag to the guys about how she had finally got David. On her way, out of the bushes, David jumps and grabs her, (screaming to the top of her lungs) as he picks up the hose and proceeds to drown her. He had circled around the block, and waiting for her to do just as she did. -Go to brag. - Payback, the moral of this story: When she was at the dating age, (16) it seemed that whenever she had company, as in boyfriend, there he was..If they were sitting in the car, his face would be plastered on the window. Fingers in ears, wiggling the hands, (you can see the picture). One time, she and date are on their way to the movies. Up jumps David from the back seat. -Where are we going? - Later in time, she lives in Salt Lake and the phone rings: It's Mom, -too bad you aren't down here, cause David is going on his first date tonight Would she have loved to been there. - Maybe payback time-.



september 2007
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100 pagina's


Bj Bj



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