Our Lusty Forefathers
Auteur: Fairex Downey
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781406742909
  • maart 2007
  • 372 pagina's
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LUSTY FOREFATHERS Being Diverse Chronicles of the Fervors, Frolics, Fights, Festivities, ana Failings of Our American Ancestors By FAIRFAX DOWNEY Illustrated by JOHN C. WONSETLER CHARLES SCRIBNERS SONS, NEW YORK CHARLES SCRIBNERS SONS, LTD., LONDON 1947 To my aunt ELIZABETH DAVIS HODGES CONTENTS FOREWORD xiii SWIPSY OR SOBER The Supervisor of Drinking Does His Duty . 3 THE GOVERNOR GOES A-WOOING The Swashbuckling Courtship of Nicholson of Virginia 13 BEAR AND FOREBEAR . Wives, Widows, Maids and Thornbacks 33 THE OLD BLACK BULL AND THE MEETING HOUSE A Girl-Child Is Christened with a Name, Mete and Proper . 47 PARCHING THROUGH GEORGIA Governor Oglethorpes Preview of Prohibition 59 TIGHT COLLEGE YEARS Pleasures Are Discovered to Be Rife at Yale 69 JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS A Quaker Wedding in Philadelphia 8 1 TAVERN IN THE TOWN Black Sam Fraunces and His New York Inn 93 THEIR EARS WERE RED Corn-Husking Bees and Other. Frolics 105 SCARLET LETTERS Crime and Punishment by Aid of the Alphabet 1 1 7 ix x CONTENTS WHEN CO-EDS WERE RED Goings-On at the Indian Charity School of Eleazar Wheelock 127 SINGING SCHOOL WAS SOCIABLE Young Virgins All with Beauteous Voice, Make Music Harmony Your Choice 137 GERMANS OVER THE RIVER An Artillery Sergeant Reports an Amphibious Operation 153 THEY CALL IT BUNDLING Lieutenant Marbry, of His Majestys Foot, Notes a Quaint American Custom 163 ADVICE TO A YOUNG MAN Old Ben Franklin Imparts Some Worldly Wisdom 1 73 BEEFSTEAK FOR BREAKFAST The Amazing American Appetite and How It Grew So Great 185 IMMORTAL AMERICAN HORSE Justin Morgan, Foaled 1 789, and His Curious Colts 1 9 7 LAST BUT NOT-SO-SAD RITES A Funeral Dinner in Boston 1209 FERVOR ON THE FRONTIER Reverend LyleKeeps a Revival Diary 219 WHERE BEAVERS BECKONED Tales of Two Trappers and of Uncle Sams Hat 233 CONTENTS xi LOG CABIN AND HARD CIDER Electioneering Takes a Tip from Tippecanoe 241 CLASH OF BROADSWORDS An Affair of Honor in New Orleans 257 FIRST WILD WEST SHOWMAN Catiins Indian Portraits Come Alive in England 271 CALIFORNIA OR BUST The Epic of the Donner Party 281 BREAD AND MR. GRAHAM How a Reformer Defied the Butcher, the Baker, and the Ladies Staymaker 293 FIRST BLOOD FOR YANKEE SULLIVAN Saga of a Champion of the Prize-Ring 305 STAGECOACH STICKUPS There Was Gold in the Exoress Boxes 319 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 337 BIBLIOGRAPHY 339 INDEX 1349 FOREWORD o, UR forefathers drank deep, ate hearty and lived lustily. They downed draughts of stone wall, a mixture of rum and hard cider with an impact merit ing its name. They relished meat four times a day and engulfed 12-inch oysters. They frolicked at corn-husking bees and en joyed wheelbarrow kisses. Half an alphabet of scarlet letters, not just an A, was worn on bosom or sleeve to signify their sins. Toward matters spiritual or political their attitude, any thing but indifferent, rose often from fervent to fanatical. Warm- blooded human beings with human failings along with their virtues such were these forebears of ours and so. these chronicles strive to show them. Too often have they been pictured as lay figures against a background of epic events. Intimate and revealing details have been suppressed, partly through prudery, partly as a form of ancestor-worship. As Charles Francis Adams put it in his notable essay, Some Phases of Sexual Morality and Church Discipline in New England Like Shem and Japhet, approaching it the past with averted eyes, weare disposed to cover up with a garment the nakedness of our progenitors and the severe looker after truth, who wants to have things appear exactly as they were, and does not believe in the suppression of evidence, the investigator of this sort is apt to be looked upon as a personage of no discretion and doubtful utility, as, in a word, a species of modern Ham, who, having unfortunately seen what ought to have been covered up, is eager, out of mere levity or prurience, to tell his brethren all about it...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
372 pagina's
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Fairex Downey
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