Paleo Diet
Auteur: David Bale
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  • 9781495407543
  • februari 2014
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What is The Paleo Diet?Learning what to eat and the foods to avoid are the first steps in following this diet, which will be explored in detail later in this book. The basic guidelines are to pay attention to the vitamins and nutrients, amount of protein, fiber and potassium you are actually putting into your body. A daily diet should include up to 35% protein, fresh vegetables and fruits over carbohydrates, increasing fiber and potassium and lowering sodium levels. This diet is based on what hunter-gathers ate, including limitless fresh veggies and fruits. Another important component is whether the food you consume is acid-producing or alkaline-yielding. Constant high levels of acid from meat, fish, grains and dairy lead to creating an imbalance in your digestive system, which leads to inflammation throughout your body. Prolonged inflammation can lead to nutrient deficiencies and major life-changing diseases, including cancer. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods and help balance the acid levels. Making the Paleo Diet Work For YouFollowing the Paleo Diet will help your body balance itself and heal damaged caused by digestive issues. With your body functioning properly, you will experience increased energy levels, clearer thinking, better absorption of vitamins and nutrients, fewer allergies and many others! Some people don’t realize the condition their body is in because they have been living with skin irritation, sleeplessness and other conditions for as long as they can remember. Once one or more is relieved, it’s as though a whole new world has opened up. 10 Days Later....The first 10 days will be the most challenging. You will experience mood swings, mental resistance and maybe even a lack of support from friends and family, but it will get better! Plan out each meal for the first 10 days and buy all the groceries. The less you need to go to the store, the more likely you will stick to the diet. The Paleo Diet is a lifestyle change that takes time, so don’t stress if you accidentally use the wrong oil or eat a food that is on the “bad” list. Learn from it and move forward. Key Sections of the BookThe BenefitsTips For Success In The First 10 DaysThings To Avoid In The First 10 DaysDownload Your Copy Today! Tags: Paleo Diet, Paleolithic Diet, Paleolithic Diet plan, caveman diet



februari 2014
Aantal pagina's
30 pagina's



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