Playbook for Manhood A Game Plan for Being a Real Man: The Condensed Version

Playbook for Manhood
Auteur: Frank Dicocco
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  • 9781452837772
  • mei 2010
  • 262 pagina's
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THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FIRST EVER “PLAYBOOK FOR MANHOOD” - Playbook for Manhood: A Game Plan for Being a REAL Man provides a complete game plan for how to be a REAL Man in today's society. It promotes a message of respect, honor, commitment, and integrity. It is a message that is meant to stand the test of time, and one that all our world's men-especially its young men-very much need to hear. Playbook for Manhood outlines what it means to be a REAL Man, by spelling out The 4 Quarters of Manhood that makeup a REAL man... R-espect all people, E-specially women. A-lways do the right thing. L-ive a life that matters. Playbook for Manhood offers a complete game plan for how to be a REAL Man. Playbook for Manhood is a life-changing and society-shaping book. It goes far beyond anything that has ever been written before. Playbook for Manhood is more than just a manual for being a real man: it is a game plan for successful living. Whether you are a young man, or a man of any age... Playbook for Manhood will offer you the advice to help you lead a successful and meaningful life.WHY THE “PLAYBOOK FOR MANHOOD” IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK OF OUR GENERATION: The “Playbook for Manhood” addresses the most important problem in our society today: the breakdown in the positive developmental process of our world’s young men. The book provides the most important answer to the most important question in our society today: “What does it mean to be a real man?” Playbook for Manhood certainly does this, and therefore, as a result… It very may well be the most important book of our generation. “Playbook for Manhood” – The Complete Version – provides absolutely everything that a man needs to learn how to become a REAL man in today’s society. It includes the entire REAL Man message, and is perfect for every parent, teacher, coach, mentor, and educator. Avid readers and men of all ages will find profound wisdom in the pages of the “Playbook for Manhood.”THE “PLAYBOOK FOR MANHOOD” and “THE REAL MAN PROGRAM” - The “Playbook for Manhood” promotes the message of what it means to be a real man in today’s society—a respectful, respectable, and responsible man. The book contains vital insights and ideas, which every coach, teacher, parent, and young person can benefit from. The “Playbook for Manhood” is available in three versions: 1. The Coaches Version (which has everything a man needs) 2. The Condensed Version (perfect for young men, as well as men of all ages), and 3. The 2-Minute Drill Edition (perfect for middle-school age boys, and for use in group settings) There is also a corresponding Character Education program, entitled “The REAL Man Program.” It is a comprehensive character-education curriculum, consisting of more than 100 lessons that promote positive male-youth development. “The REAL Man Program” comes with “The REAL Man Workbook,” which has more than 100 corresponding exercises and discussion sets. The “Playbook for Manhood” and “The REAL Man Program” are being read and implemented by college and high school coaches across the nation. It currently is used by the National Football League’s Youth Impact Program: a free summer camp for at-risk, inner-city middle school students. The month-long camp teaches academic and character skills, and provides full-contact instruction and competition to campers. In addition, the State of Alabama Alternative Juvenile Detention Program makes use of the REAL Man curriculum. Several prominent college and high school athletics programs also utilize the content of “The REAL Man Program.”THE REAL MAN BRAND – RESOURCES AND MATERIALS “Playbook for Manhood: A Game Plan for Being a Real Man – The COMPLETE Version”“Playbook for Manhood: A Game Plan for Being a Real Man – The Condensed Edition”“Playbook for Manhood: The 2-Minute Drill Edition”“The REAL Man Program” Character-Education Curriculum“The REAL Man Program Workbook” The REAL Man Website:



mei 2010
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262 pagina's



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