Self Esteem Learning to Love Yourself, Get More Self-Confidence, Experience Better Relationships, and Overcome Self-Image Disorders!

Self Esteem

Uitgever: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Auteur: Saad Alazmi
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  • Paperback
  • 9781537511665
  • september 2016
  • 26 pagina's
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"NO ONE’S HAPPINESS BUT MY OWN IS IN MY POWER TO ACHIEVE OR DESTROY.”-AYN RANDSelf-Esteem: Learning To Love Yourself, Get More Self-Confidence, Experience Better Relationships, And Overcome Self-Image Disorders!Do you see yourself in love and awe just like how the people closest to you do? Do you have faith in yourself and your capabilities? If you have been struggling with these, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!Most people’s view of themselves primarily depends on outside circumstances. They base their self-worth on people’s opinion, feedbacks, compliments, or harsh insults. Having self-worth & self-love is one of the highest determinants in achieving a spiritually rich life.In this book you will learn:The psychology behind self-esteemHow always comparing yourself to your peers will only hurt you in the long runHow your past bad experiences can help you win more in life and not ruin your self-esteemHow to beat the “little voice” inside your head that says you are not enoughWhy the success of your relationships are greatly dependent on your relationship with yourselfWhy your thoughts, not outside circumstances, should be the ultimate deciding factor on how you view yourselfHow to recognize the people who rob you of your joy and how to deal with themHow to attract people who are good for youHealing yourself through forgiveness & gratitudeWays to defeat negative body imageSelf-esteem would change your life for the best. Although, it would require a lot of effort to maintain it and it is really difficult to do alone. That is why there is tremendous value in finding a tribe that would support you and empower you. You can all grow and flourish together.Stop wasting your life away with all these unnecessary negative stuff. Be more aware. If you apply all the wisdom that you have read, you’re in for a life filled with abundance in health, wealth, love & happiness.



september 2016
Aantal pagina's
26 pagina's



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