The 15-Minute Inbox Control Email. Create Time. Lead Your Business.


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  • 9781483929736
  • 23 maart 2013
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"Finally a 'how to' book that delivers on its promise.""Highly recommend to anyone - senior executive, CEO, entrepreneur or just starting out on your career."

In The 15-Minute Inbox, international business consultant Joost Wouters offers a solution to control your email, create time and spend it instead on activities that really matter.

More than a quick fix or another "how-to" guide, The 15-Minute Inbox offers a simple yet powerful approach for everyone who prefers to be a proactive business builder instead of a reactive firefighter.

With the introduction of the four M.A.I.L. steps, Joost has created a complete process that will guide you in your journey towards mastering your inbox.

You will look at the mindsets and habits you need to change to get your inbox under control in 15 minutes or less. You will find ways to automate a big chunk of your email management and apply the limited actions that are possible to treat each email. You will set up a structure that will help you to implement the new behavior and integrate it in your daily work. And most importantly, you will create clarity about what you will do with all the additional time you have created and on what activities and projects you should spend it instead.

Joost Wouters - who has been invited by the management teams of many multinational firms all over the world - reveals the way to make best use of your two most precious assets: your time and your attention.

This is one of the few 'how-to' books that really delivers on promise. After just a week and a half and only halfway through the book, I had my first empty in-box experience, the dream of any email enslaved professional. While this book is very practical and has an almost instant pay-back it covers the issue of managing your email and thus your time in a holistic way. It contains essential tips and tricks but also goes into the mindset and conceptions we all have and that prevent us from being more efficient and more effective. We take driving lessons before we can take a car to the road. In the same way, you should read this book before you start using email.

I love this little book from Joost Wouters - so practical and so full of tips to get in control of email. Let's be honest, managing emails is a challenge and Joost's strategies are just what I need. Highly recommend to anyone - senior executive, CEO, entrepreneur or just starting out on your career.

I started to read this book on my flight back home, and after a few pages I was sorry not to have my laptop with me. Let me give you a small tip: read it with your Outlook opened and start to implement the tips as you go through the book. It took me 3 days to get my inbox to zero emails, and more important I kept it like this since then. Fantastic! Clear method to boost your productivity and to get more important things done.



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23 maart 2013
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Joost Wouters

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